This is going to be ugly, I just know it.
I discovered by log had all sorts of lovly buttons for adding effects and whatnot to posts. Thing is, I don’t know what they do, or what the CSS will make them look like.
So, here’s the experiment. You’ll see a load of gibberish or unstyled mess. I’ll be using them to identify exactly what they do and then, hopefully, making them look nice while they do it.

Bold Text.
Italic Text
Del (Dunno what this is supposed to do!)
Ins (Again, don’t know)

  • List item UL list
  1. List item OL list

Blockquote, wheeee!

Pre formatted? Code perhaps...

That’s it. Now I’m off to try and fix the CSS :)

EDIT: Well, initial inspection seems DEL is striketrhough, INS is underline (Can’t explain why though) and the lists work. Blockquote is knackered, PRE is too small by half, but other than that, it’s not too bad. Super.


Sunday 0055hrs

Or something. I’m having a major go at re-writing the CSS thet controls the site after BadGuy in #WebDev (Quakenet) nearly died whilst looking through it. Poor fellow. He’ll pull through, but it was touch and go for a while.
Basically right now some DIV’s are controlling font attributes and I’ve got that many individual styles trotting about the place it’s making it uncomfortable to work with. Once done, it will allow me to knock up some more styles /colourschemes for the site which pleases some people and will keep me amused. Got to find a way of auto-generating the Munky background GIF though. Editing the colour-table at runtime? Perhaps. Lots of pre-generated Munkys to match the colourscheme? Much more likely.

Still no sight of the FAQ. Should be tomorrows job after training.

Oh, added the ImageOnly RSS feed and it works. Shock. It can be found here.

Well goodness.
If you’re viewing in IE6, you’ll see a horizontal scrollbar when you don’t need one. I can’t fix it. Blame Microsoft.

If you’re viewing in IE5, may the Gods help you.

Both of you should visit: this beautiful piece of work and learn to experiment a little. It’s worth it, truly.

More development today, hope to have the RSS feed up shortly, followed by the FAQ and a test-post to check all the in-post styles so everything looks dandy. Then all I have to do is clean up the backend code and sell some photographs so I can make rent this month. Sigh.

Edit: Another thing. Look how poor dotted lines look in IE compared to Mozilla. GAH!
Edit2: IE doesn’t support link hotkeys either, it seems. GAH^2!!

Coming along…

Friday 2328hrs

For those of you who saw this place 24 hours ago, you’ll appreciate just how far it’s come in terms of looks and groovy little features on the side there… I wish I had before & after screenshots somewhere, oh well.

What’s to come?

  • Menu in the header bar for navigation to gallery, FAQ etc
  • An FAQ…
  • Moving the blog to the page frontpage, so visitors see this drivel first (Risky due to the way the blog’s setup)
  • Tidying up my gallery code to remove the excuse for a Blog I wrote, plus removing redundant style info and whatnot
  • Fixing post lists, as I’m sure this has screwed up.

I’m sure there’s more, but it’ll come to me as I go on. Oh yes! RSS feeds for just the images, and automating blog posts for when I add new images Hurrah!


Thursday 1915hrs

I don’t know about you, but I personally find bloody silly idiots like these quite offensive, but I’m not going to get anywhere in a legal case.

Justice is such an illusion.

Grand Opening…?

Thursday 1603hrs

Well, it’s done. Unusually rapid development I must say, usually it takes me weeks to fix things on my website, but this logbook has taken, actually, less than 24 hours to complete. There are still a few more things to do, such as adding log entry alerts to the frontpage, as well as figuring out exactly how to operate the RSS feed, but it’ll come.
The log is powered by WordPress, their link’s over on the right. It’s not a bad system and, unlike some I checked out, actually installed easily, and required the modification of precisely 3 files in order to blend it in with my existing website. Not a bad job, I don’t reckon.

More to come soon, stay tuned.