Sherlock Knows

Friday 0911hrs

I’ve been here for ages, and only just discovered this…
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Black Death Vaccine

Thursday 1635hrs

They’ve finally found a vaccine for the black death, or bubonic plague. Most people think that plague died out in the middle ages, but it’s actually still around killing thousands in under-developed countries around the globe.

If only they could do the same for stupidity.

Millions would be saved.

Wooden Chairs

Wednesday 2123hrs

“We do not sit in such-and-such a way because a carpenter has built a chair in such-and-such a way; rather, the carpenter makes the chair as he does because someone wants to sit that way.” (Adolf Loos)

Thanks to NewsScan for that one.

Feel free to browse this, yes I know it’s immoral and cheap, but I am desperate, and it does make use of the article filing system I’ve been meddling with.

So there.

Morning Jollies

Friday 1014hrs

Check out some of the Worst Album Covers of All Time, brought to my attention by BA from #Webdev.


This is also amusing and proves that despite recent setbacks, Microsoft have at least retained their sense of humour.


Friday 0955hrs

This Article on the BBC, which is probably behind the likes of Slashdot and others regarding the speed of announcement, tripped me up this morning. The part I love the most is the last paragraph, which I quote:

But the other threat to Microsoft is the fact that such access could provide a competitive edge to its rivals, who would gain a much better understanding of the inner workings of Microsoft’s technology.

One would have thought that the exposure of a little of the workings of Windows would assist developers of software and hardware no end, interesting to see that the Redmond Beast views both of these as rivals. Coupled with this, it’s not exactly like other OS developers are frantically trying to copy the Windows kernal, in fact, quite the opposite. If only I could find the relevant links for it…

I’m not sure about you, but the only thing keeping me off linux is Adobe’s resistance to releasing a Linux build of its software. Don’t anyone dare mention WINE, I’ve heard it all before. A friend tells me that the version built for Mac’s is a GCC built effort, so it’s not as if it would be too much of a strain to do it. My Conspiracy Theory gland then starts to itch, suggesting that perhaps somebody backhanded them with a brown envelope. You never know.

Return of the, um, Denyerec?

Thursday 1357hrs

I am re-installed in the Uk.
After a baggage mixup that left us luggage-less for the greater part of Monday, we’re now back safe and sound at the Loughborough residence and back on the scrounge for any cash we can find with which to pay for warmth, rent or food. Probably in that order.
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Returning to Up Over

Saturday 2329hrs

The holiday’s over, we have to head back to Blighty.
I’m not saying that I hate England, but I really don’t want to have to go. I could start a list but it’s pointless, the inevitability of it all is quite crushing.

Still, we’ll be back soon. Visa wibblings mean that I may be trying, this time next year, to find work in Melbourne, as my partner’s UK permit expires in little over 12 months from now.

I do not have a suntan.

I did not see a poisenous spider.

I did not get eaten by a shark.

I did not throw any shrimp on a BBQ.

I did see a deadly snake, though, and had a great 3 weeks.

24 hours of terror (Read: Flight) and I’ll be back in England. I guess you can’t have everything.

S3 and my Bankrupcy

Saturday 1056hrs

Fuji have announced the successor to my beloved Fuji S2, the imaginatively named Fuji S3. I’m guessing they didn’t call a meeting to decide on that one.
No point in me parrotting out the specs or the press release, you can get them here.

What I will say is that my thoughts about the F700 and other ‘high end’ consumer digicams released by fuji recently were correct. They did indeed turn out to be testbenches for the development of Fuji’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) sensor, which is the main talking point for the S3, as the body and shot-rate capabilities remain identical to the S2.

No samples available as of yet. Check back soon for a good price on a 2nd hand Fuji S2 😉