Derren Brown Live

Friday 1359hrs

Last night (13th May) I went to see Derren Brown live at DeMontfort Hall.
What can I say except damn.
He makes no secret of the fact that his whole act is based around well known human psychologies, but the way he handles people on stage like puppets on strings is nothing short of the work of a Jedi Master. Even though you can pretend to understand the psychology behind it when you try and explain each demonstration you inevitably hit a brick wall every time leaving you thinking “How the…”

There are only 2 more dates on the tour at Cardiff and Belfast and they’re more than likely sellouts like DMH was. As soon as I get wind of another live tour I’ll be pestering people to go and see it.

Witty, superbly entertaining, well presented, informative, funny and frighteningly intelligent. For the price of 28.5 king sized Marsbars, a night’s entertainment that comes highly recommended from me.

Pointless wastes of life

Tuesday 1043hrs

I have been quiet for a week.
Can’t tell you why, but the time just seemed to flap past without me logging into my website. Happens a lot. I keep promising myself to take more photo’s but it’s not happening.

Ok, now the post.

This BBC article about a wallaby being kicked to death made me bloody angry this morning.
The 3 shits who did this, the 3 arrogant, insolent and downright evil wastes of carbon and air that did this need to be disposed of, humanely if possible, but if they have to be flayed of their skin and drowned in hot tar then so be it.

These murderers will not receive any punishment because the UK legal system is powerless to dispense it. My girlfriend works with young criminals, so I have a fairly good perspective on how utterly incapable the UK’s system is for dealing with under-16 white trash. Was this the fault of the parents? Who knows, fact is there are 3 twisted, brainless murdering brats out there who will just laugh this off and go their own way.

You have to have a licence to own a dog. Any cretin can have a kid.

Really, really angry.