A word of warning.
Never, ever buy a Seagate Barracuda 7 SATA drive. Ignore the reviews you have read. Ignore their marketting bulldust. This drive sounds like a Van De Graaf when it’s accessing, and has a bloody annoying “Self diagnostic” whine 90% of the time it’s idle.
I don’t care about its performance (Which is behind competitiors), the noise for this supposedly “Silent Drive” is absurd.

I have a Seagate Barracuda 5 now as my main system drive, it never makes a sound. So much for progress, I guess new does not always mean better.

Please send an E-Note…

Wednesday 0928hrs

Support ticketting systems are my new hatred. Not quite up there with Chavs but close.
Most of you will have used them in some form or another. The company in question will boast it improves turnaround, making your enquiry procedure more efficient, etc etc. In truth, the only thing is improves is their ability to dismiss your enquiry. Perhaps I’m being too general, some systems, such as the one used by United Hosting are superb. Every single support enquiry I’ve lodged there has been dealt with inside of 5 minutes, regardless of the time of night or complexity of the enquiry. Not only that, but the “ticket” can be dealt with via normal email instead of a crappy website editor and you never, ever get a “Cut and Paste” response.

Enter Ebuyer.

Slow. Evasive. Unhelpful. Frustrating.

You supply all the detail in the world and state clearly “The RAM was tested alone” and 24 hours later they issue a ticket asking “Did you test the RAM on its own?”. You ask them a direct question, you get a standard Cut-and-Paste reply stating that you should “Simply follow the return procedures blah blah blah”.
That’s not what I asked.

So I get frustrated, I send yet another ticket through the hellishly laggy backend interface. What is your phone number? I ask, after explaining the situation. “Please use the ENotes system to…”
Not quite sure what I’m supposed to use the ENotes system for, as rage took over. I think operating a business without a telephone number should be against the law. It’s got to be a violation of human rights to be put through the wringer like this every time you need to return a product or make an enquiry. Ebuyer have great prices and a good range of products but you better pray that nothing goes wrong.

Additional: Another company with truly abysmal support is a hosting company called EasySpace. Servicing their support email perhaps once every 48 hour period, the support worked we dealt with named “Jicko” was as useful as a chocolate kettle. Except we didn’t get to eat Jicko.
We ask….

Dear Easyspace Support,
Could you please tell us which email address must have a domain transfer request sent to, as the transferring registrar cannot complete the transfer without it.

The reply? Something along the lines of…

Dear Customer,
The weather in Spain is delightful and my mother has bought a brand new sombrero to keep the sun off her shoulders. I wish to repaint the caravan, but haven’t the time since our donkey is sick and I must now do all the shopping on foot.
Regards, Easyspace Support

If you hadn’t guessed, never, ever use EasySpace. Why is nothing ever simple?

Cheap Fat Tasty

Saturday 1139hrs

Behold, people are buying more junkfood! I wonder whether the UK is such a depressing place that it drives people to it, or because junk food, on the whole, is cheaper and easier than eating anything healthy. If healthy base foods were damn cheap and processed crap wasn’t, I’m sure more people would wise up.

As for me? It’s 5p pasta and 35p tuna all the way.

Glad to see Tetley has outstripped PG Tips though, never did like PG Tips…

German Spammers!

Thursday 1226hrs

My apologies to users of Mail.de but I have had to blacklist you.
Why ?
partypoker2004@mail.de decided to start spamming my site as if there were no tomorrow, literally. To stop the torrent of crappy “Come and play poker great ra love your site have some herbal viagra” emails I had no choice but to blacklist his domain.

If you are trying to comment and it’s blocking you because of this, drop him a line and complain.

As usual I’ve lapsed into a spate of “non updatiness”. I am having a HDD replaced and once it’s back will be restoring my photo archive to active service, as trying to find files on my backup DVD’s is a right pest and doesn’t encourage me to post shots here.

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