They have things!

Wednesday 1723hrs

Not sure how many of you know about them, but there’s a quirky looking store called We Have Things who don’t seem to fare too well in price match services like Kelkoo andthe like by, well, simply not appearing.

Having checked them out, not only do they provide a phone number, have atrractive prices AND good postal rates plus a rather cute website, I ordered something.

Not telling what, you’ll know soon enough if it’s any good.

For now, though, they get my vote.

Someone might not like me

Wednesday 0838hrs

Ashamed though I am to admit it, I’ve been trying to get onto the EBuyer website recently to check some prices. OK OK I know they’re a bunch of bounders and cads, but they do happen to be one of the few suppliers of Kensington Expert Mouse trackballs, something that I’ve had my eye on for a while…

Anyway, their site is responding abysmally slowly. Is anyone else having this problem? Is their webserver under some kind of DDOS attack or have they simply turned it over to the support department? *BOOM BOOM*


Monday 1051hrs

Sincerest apologies to all who have tried to comment and have had to resort to emailling me… The blacklist plugin that I use does not have any validation on its input fields. What this means is that somehow, a blank entry crept into the banned addresses list and was telling everyone that they were a spammer… The equivalent of *@* basically… Silly silly thing.

I do apologise, it’s been fixed now, so please read the post below again and respond 😉 If I’d moved to WP1.5 ages ago I wouldn’t have this problem… Gah!

Fine art and popsicles

Monday 0029hrs

I was wondering… How much would any of you avid readers cough up for a 2ft x 3ft canvas style print of any of the photos in my gallery? (That’s about 60cm by 100cm for you crazy European metric folk.)

I ask, because I am thinking if there is positive response I might be able to use the proceeds to buy new photographic equipment. I have checked out EBay but it is *REALL* not the right place to sell “art”. Damn.

Please let me know in comments or in Email, it’d be much appreciated. Any photo. Canvas. You want one. You really do.

Moving to WP 1.5

Monday 0027hrs

Right… I’ve written a plugin for wordpress 1.5 and I can’t use it because I have WP 1.01 on my site.
I am going to be moving to WP1.5 and it might break a lot of things horribly.

I do intend fully to redesign this place, re-write the Amazon Media Manager plugin for WP1.5 and make it nicer, and also FINALLY get around to writing a decently simple gallery thing that WordPress will be friends with. They will.

It’ll be happening soon, sorry if things go dark for a while. Also sorry that this place hasn’t been updated, I do apologise but really you’re going to have to take out your greivances with the parrots. They’re made of chrome and are really very persuasive.

Election Earring

Monday 0950hrs

Yesterday I was purchasing a month’s supply of tuna from the wonderful Aldi supermarket. Just prior to that I’d purchased some concentrated glyphosphate (Roundup, basically) from a B&Q warehouse. My my those places make me chuckle.

Anyway, why I’m mentioning this is because on the way home I saw a giant billboard advertising for the Tory party. It said, and I quote almost verbatim (As my memory is hopeless…)

It’s not racist to impose sensible immigration limits. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

To which my response was a very loud and resounding:

No. You wankers.

See, I disagree with what the government, indeed, what governments all over the world are doing with respect to immigration. They are trying to stigmatise immigrants of all kinds, and seemingly associate the term with things like “Burden”, “Cost” and “Risk”. Oh, in case you weren’t aware, preventing people from migrating to the UK somehow makes the place safer, reduces crime and make the UK a better place.

Err, hello?

Oh boy this stuff makes me mad. You see, for a start, a lot of immigrants are totally legal. They come here to live and work, they pay their taxes and their N.I. and as far as I am concerned good luck to them. Then there are some illegal immigrants who come here and work and don’t pay taxes as they’re off the radar. Now these guys are on marshy ground but, usually, they’re doing crap jobs that native English people refuse to do and to be honest I wonder if the UK’s production and crap-job sector could survive without them. Finally you have the illegal immigrants who come to the UK and somehow manage to sneak on to the end of the dole queue. Ok, now these guys *are* bein cheeky and do represent a drain on the UK economy but hey, you know what, so are the rest of the doley wasters.
See, these jobs that the migrants are “Stealing” are not being stolen at all. They’re available because the chavs native unemployed are too idle or too arrogant to do them. Things such as 12hr night shifts in plastics factories, or night shifts in freezer warehosues for starters. So what are the native unemployed doing? Claiming dole. And you can bet your arse they lead the numbers of dole-claiming migrants by a little more than a nose.

Where am I going with this? Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the benefits system. There should be a temporary safety net for people who find themselves sick or out of work, but temporary it should be. The flagrant abuse of the system by Briton’s is responsible for so much it’s absurd. The gorgeous Coley has had first hand experience with the very people I mention and verifies the incredibly negative impact it has on society.

I don’t think the new government should impose immigration limits. I think for every honest hard working foreign chap that comes in, one lazy layabout pot-smoking, Special-Brew-drinking chav should be punted to shores afar. That’s right. Punted. And no, not on a boat.

“Imposing immigration limits is not racist” ? More like xenophobic I reckon. People who think Britain should be for the British are probably some of the most boring you’ll ever meet, not to mention some of the silliest. Bring on the hot sauce and let everyone get along.

Mastercard, Switch or Visa?

Saturday 0940hrs

Short post.
Home office replied today with a simple covering letter.

Coley is allowed to stay until March 2007, then if we wanna stay in the UK we have to make another application which should be processed without upset.

Yep. That’s right, she can stay :)

Thankyou to everyone who gave us their support, it’s crazy how many people ‘Coley manages to touch. Not literally, dirty scoundrels! I’m off to go thank everyone who helped us and doesn’t use the internet, not to mention take a rather jolly large sigh of relief.

Ebuyer Phone Number

Tuesday 1851hrs

Please note: The numbers from this post are now out of date and no long work / dial other businesses. They have thus been removed.

For all you poor, poor people who have had the misfortune of dealing with Ebuyer, you’ll probably know that they don’t advertise a phone number. I hate cowards.

Anyhow an anonymous contact of mine did some digging and because under UK law a Ltd. company cannot hide its contact details completely, they met with success.

For your viewing pleasure here are some details that anyone else having difficulty with this company might be able to put to good use!

EBuyer UK Tel ***********
( Thats the regional number for ************ afaik )

Ebuyer (UK) Ltd
201 Woodbourne Road, Centurion Business Park, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 3LR
Tel: ************
Fax: Not Available

Contact: Mr Mike Naylor , Managing Director
fax: ************

Finally there is ************ obtained from the whois on

Hope this is of use to someone, I’ve not tried any of the numbers yet so I don’t know quite where they go. I’ll be giving them a call in the morning.