Parental Wisdom

Wednesday 1223hrs

My dad, bless, is a closet geek. In fact I’m not so sure he’s even in the closet. Remebered fondly are my days of playing Quake2 with him lurking then, after going to bed, hearing the gunshots and grenades going off downstairs…

Today, talking about “Stuff” on ICQ (Real geeks don’t need telephones, see, ASCII’s all you need…) this little gem came out regarding Micro$oft and their policy regarding the “MS Office Treadmill”…

In writing terms it is a bit like selling an expensive pen, then saying you need a new one because we have invented new paper and the pen won’t write on the new paper. The pen is not broken… (so I am only going to use Linux pencils in future.. :) )

Penguin Pencils… Made me laugh :)

Take a look at this absolute gem from Microsoft. For someone who does work with current web-standardy type stuff, XHTML, CSS and all that malarky this article should make you either laugh, or scream with rage.
Technical Articles

I particularly like the advised table layout, and the Easy-To-Read uppercase tags.

At least now I don’t have to wait for CSS3!

(That, just in case you missed it, was sarcasm.)

Amazon Media Manager 1.5

Monday 1129hrs


It’s done. It *might* have some really arcane and weird bugs in it that we’ve not managed to find yet by accidentally forgetting to search amazon for depleted uranium in the “Homewares” section, but the main thing is, it’s finally ready.

This new version is for WordPress and above. That’s it. If you’ve got an older version of wordpress, UPGRADE NOW or figure out how to get it working for yourself, we won’t help you. 😉

The new version is so far removed from the old in terms of coolness and ease of use it’s insane, so the easiest thing for you to do is head over to the Sozu website and get yourself a copy of Amazon Media Manager for WordPress.

PLEASE NOTE: As people find minor glitches and HTML stuff-ups, we’re updating the downloadable version as we go, rather than waiting to release a “Fixed” version. I know this is naughty but hey… So, if you run into any difficulties with the AMM, please download and install the version on the Sozu website *first*, just in case the problem has already been addressed.

Sadly you won’t see it running on this blog just yet as I’m still on WordPress 1.0beta or something, but when I finally *do* get round to upgrading adn redesigning, it’ll be burning bright just over there in the sidebar. Or maybe the main body? Or maybe the header… Who could say. You can however see it in action so far at Randomtask and at Gabbages, thanks to both of them for doing some preliminary testing.

With that, good day!

Supporting Amazon Media manager 1.5

Some kind of PHP Gallery

Thursday 0256hrs

Having recently fixed my thumbnailling uploader and gotten its golden ratio proportioning magic all ironed out, the enthusiasm within me to finally pen my proper gallery is growing. No timeframes, because I suck like that, but just let it be known that once I come up with a decent way to transmit image data via or within an XML-RPC system things will move on at a better pace. Cue Rob…

Speaking of Robulus from Randomtask, I’ve recently added a photo of him in all his awesome coolness.

A trooper of cool, we salute you!
(Now get busy on that code…)

Holy WTH Batman?!

Tuesday 0023hrs


I have *finally* got my upload script in to some kind of functional state. It’s way off being releasable and the public gallery code isn’t nearly finished, BUT, at least for now I can get images coming back onto my site again.

It’s been FAR too long and I have a back-catalog now of about 2000 or more photos to go through, so I am going to be uploading at a fair rate. Don’t blink or, if my intentions remain true, you’ll miss them.