Yahoo news has a headline that reads :Pentagon document would alter nuclear weapons plan

Please can someone tell me this is a sick early April fools? I can’t believe that they can consider using nuclear force as a pre-emptive strike. Conventional bombing of someone you *think* might be after you is bad enough. But the sanctioning of nuclear weaponry that’ll devastate a country, the only backing for which is some cooked up evidence that they’ve got “WMDs”…? Come on.

Less caustic. Still true.

Monday 1705hrs

Thanks to Xixora from #webdev, the little “Please don’t use IE because it’s a scourge” warning some of you might have been seeing has been adjusted to look a little less… drastic. If you’re browsing in firefox or anything else sensible you won’t have a clue what I’m on about but switch to IE and find out.

If you’re still browsing in IE, you’ll see the warning and are advised to check out “the other guys”.
Thanks Xix.

EMail Spam Disaster

Monday 1600hrs

Don’t bother writing to me to tell me my contact form is broken. I have taken it offline after receiving a huge amount fo virusicated, multipart emails through it.

Damn spammers. **I don’t want your herbal viagra. Stopit.**

I’m investigating the problem, but really if spammers are now hitting contact forms as well as comments without resorting to captchas or silly general knowledge questions I’m a little short on ideas.

If you have any suggestions as to how to prevent comment-form abuse, especially using this comment form plugin: then I’d love to hear from you.

Win some fake baps…?

Monday 1030hrs

The BBC has a peice up called Plastic surgery prizes condemned, covering Zoo Magazine’s offering of breast implants as a competition prize.

Not too fussed about the article either way, but I did happen to notice that the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons abbreviate themselves to BAAPS.

Oh how I laughed. They even have a website.