Camera That Can Refocus

Monday 1414hrs

Someone mentioned to me a while back about some guy developing a camera that could refocus images after the exposure had been made, using “Some gizmo containing loads of lenses”, or words to that effect.

Well, here’s Ren Ng’s Standford website about just such a development, a Lightfield Camera.

The maths is heavy, but the basic principle is fairly understandable and the videos on the website are illuustrative. Don’t expect this stuff to be creeping into compact cameras anytime in the next few years, but it’s certainly a very interesting development.

Whiskey P

Tuesday 1445hrs

This short film is about the atrocities conducted by the invading army of the US in Iraq, specifically Fallujah. The only weapons of mass destruction in that country were the ones the yanks took with them.
Admittedly, these days I could be arrested and detained indefinately for saying stuff like this, such is the world we’re living in.

I just wonder how this is going to play out. M.A.D ? A tyranical American super-state a-la Adolph’s original vision? It doesn’t smell good to me, not good at all.

Atrocities in Fallujah, Iraq

Note: Please be aware this clip contains graphic images, and may shatter any illusion you were clinging to about the US being leaders of world peace and liberty.

More on the BBC about US Use of Chemical Weapons.