Contact Me Now!

Monday 1819hrs

After a period of offline-ness the contact form is back online. Why you ask? Well we had a bit of a tantrum and it turned out that due to a multipart message exploit some dirty spammer was using my oh-so-innocent contactform to send out crap.

It’s not all my fault! I’d simply used the “WordPress Contactform” plugin, which doesn’t take care of this.

Bit of fiddling later and *bam*, now it’s (hopefully) resistant to that kinda of foul play. I should probably inform the author of the plugin but I’ll do that later under the Sozu banner.

What are you waiting for? Contact Denyerec!

Two Front Teeth

Tuesday 1944hrs

Ahhh, Christmas. Contrary to popular commercial belief it’s not been and gone yet, it is in fact still over 10 days away! 10 whole days to do some headless chicken impersonations in the town centre looking for presents for Coley and my folks.

Anyone out there want to buy me:

* A Nikon D200
* A Nikon MB-D200
* A Nikon DK-21M

No? Didn’t think so…

Bah Humbug!

Crazy Crazy Paper

Friday 0111hrs

Picked this link up on a quake forum (Yes, Quake…) and blow me, it’s some impressive if slightly talent on display. You’d think that’s all the internet was good for…
Crazy Paper Folding Skills.

Admittedly it’s more cutty-cutty- gluey-gluey, but I don’t know what you call that. Papercraft? Anyway, go look, it’s awesome.