I just discovered after a lot of pissing around and timewasting (Note, time that I absolutely cannot afford to waste right now) that Ubuntu Hoary and MySQL5 runs with old password hashing enabled by default in the my.cnf file (/etc/mysql/my.cnf)

Line 43 or thereabouts.

If you’ve had trouble with new things being able to connect to MySQL databases on Ubuntu, then this may be a likely culprit. All users created will have the shorter 16 byte password hashes instead of the newer ones.

Annoying to discover this now.

Peak Oil. Humour.

Wednesday 1523hrs

It’s humerous, but it’s quite on target.
Peakoil Sketch

My favorite bit, unsurprisingly, is the comment about US policy…

In 1973 the house subcomitee on foreign relations published a report called “Oilfields as Military Objectives – A Feasibility Study”, now known as “An American plan to bring democracy to the Middle East.

The followup to that is amusing, go listen, find out.