Explore. Opus.

Friday 1452hrs

For anyone who uses a computer with any amount of seriousness and, also (perhaps oxymorinically, you be the judge) uses Windows, you’ll know that the default file explorer is atrociously bad. Having added nothing new to the mix since the invetion of copy and paste, despite better ideas and featuresets being available since the very first versions of Windows Commander.

Quite why MS feel the need to stifle the way we interact with our precious 1’s and 0’s is beyond me, but there are alternatives.

This one costs £35 which people may or may not view as a reasnoble investment of monetary tokens. It’s called Directory Opus and although I’ve yet to give it a full runaround I’m very keen to. There’s a good guide to the features avialable in this extensive Guide to Opus. Interesting to note that virtual folders and collections are here in full force, even though Micro$oft still haven’t managed to get that going proprly in Vista…

Incidentally I discovered this gem after someone pointed me to a picture portraying perfectly why children and expensive household interiors are generally a very bad idea.

Net Neutrality

Friday 1638hrs

I’m glad I didn’t waste my time writing a hugely sarcastic peice, biting in to the arses of the moneygrabbing telco monopolies that want to discriminate between internet traffic types so they can set tiered prices for skype, MSN and basic web browsing. I’m glad I didn’t bother to rant on about how that’d make it possible for a government to subvert the masses by adding premium charges to non-aligned news websites and services. I’m glad I didn’t bother, as The Register beat me to it and put it better than I probably could have.

Why Net Neutrality is a Bad Thing. Be warned if you’re not good with sarcasm, have someone sit with you to explain this one.

Headfirst Data Storage

Monday 1616hrs

If I can some how sum up the willpower to motivate myself to actual physical action, I’ll be making myself one of these cute little suckers… Data Bear is the solution to your data storage needs, a bold critter who isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into a problem. Or USB port.