More Transformer Atrocities

Thursday 2345hrs

You can see more of the devastation in this post. Bumblebee is some kind of crappy American muscle car, not a beetle, and none of the robots appear to bear any relation to their other forms, not like the old days when you could see the parts of the Porsche sticking out of Jazz, or the nose cone down the front of Starscream.

It’s taken 20 years for this movie to come to the fore, is it going to be another 20 before we see it done right? *Sigh*. One more chance to relive the childhood dream, dashed.

It’s been quiet. Don’t sue me.

I am a child of the 80’s. I played with transformers. Things that turn into robots, for the uninitiated. You can’t get cooler than that.

However I stumbled on what is, allegedly, a preview of what Optimus Prime will look like in the upcoming 3D Movie. Click for Optimus Concept Art. Errm. Excuse me? What is that steaming pile of $#&* ?

Please viewer, acquaint yourself with the *ACTUAL* Optimus Prime.

What in the name of all things holy were they injecting when they decided to make one of the most iconic toy and cartoon characters ever into some anonymous, unidentifiable mish-mash of non-correlating, disorganised, hopelessly overstyled trash?

Moons ago I stumbled on a transformers render test by an independent artist that I was fooled into thinking was a rendertest from the movie. It shows a white Ultra Magnus cab transforming and, in my opinion, looks outstanding. It also shows a “feasible” transformation from a truck cab onto a properly proportioned and good looking Optimus-style robot.

I say fire the graphics crew on the movie and hire this guy, as his work is miles ahead.

Hopefully the “leaked” artwork is a hoax, and the movie characters will actually look like, you know, their characters. If the new ultra-spikey nonsense junk artwork is for real, then I’m of course going to do nothing constructive, I’ll just whine for a bit. Just sucks, though, as the movie production is making it look like they’re targetting the audeince that would actually rember Transformers “G1″, then spitting in their eyes by producing robots that look like scrapheap challenge accidents. Ahh well.