EVGA 8800 Problem

Thursday 1519hrs

I have an EVGA 8800GTS OC 320mb.
I purchased it from Overclockers.co.uk and I urge anyone reading that they do not make the same mistake.

Overclockers firstly lied to me about the product, falsley advertising that it was elegible for the EVGA “Step Up” program, which it is not. The 90-day bullshit was even printed all over the box, something I was later informed was the result of EVGA shipping products in whatever boxes they had available. Way to go you theiving fraudsters. I don’t like being lied to, especially when the trained monkey retard on the end of the phone “umms” and “errs” blankley on the end of the phone when confronted with the facts. Maybe I just don’t get shitty enough with people on the phone to ‘get things done’, but I don’t see why one should have to resort to crude behaviour and legal threats. Maybe that’s how one has to take these pillocks on, I should make a note to try this in future…

Anyhow, the card is defunct. It causes glitching and crashing symptomatic of overeheating yet the temp sensors report everything to be normal. RMA time. Overclockers basically deny all knowledge of ever dealing with me, saying if it’s an EVGA product to RMA it direct to EVGA. EVGA initially say to try dealing with your supplier. Fat chance. So the arrogant arses at OCUK just say “Deal with EVGA” and provide me with a mobile number (!) for the only person in the UK working for EVGA. Great start. I call the guy who listens to me, seemingly ignores everything I say and gives me the email addresses of some people in Germany to contact.

I contact them.


I get no responses. I don’t even get a response from the guy on the mobile phone. If i could rememeber the sodding number I’d put it up here for people to prank call and flagrantly abuse, because frankly they deserve it. I discover I can raise an RMA request by email, I try this but am once again ignored. I raise an RMA request using their RMA ticket system thingy, I am once again ignored. I receive NO feedback from EVGA about anything, at all. Basically they’re operating under the umbrella of “You were stupid enough to buy our product from a bunch of crooks, so hahahaha sucks to be you.” and are not uphlding any part of their warranty claim which, as far as I am aware, is illegal. It’s worth noting that EVGA Europe is based in Germany and all RMA requests need to be shipped back there, with ALL shipping costs (To and from) payable by the consumer. Not even EBuyer is this bad and it’s fairly plain how pissed off I am with their level of “Service”.

Do me a favour and boycott the punks at EVGA and the crooks over at Overclockers.co.uk. There are other more respectable and worthwhile computer suppliers like CCL who don’t lie, cheat and all out swindle you out of your hard-earned with dubious returns policies and inaccurate falsified advertising.

Even if EVGA ever do issue an RMA I just know I’m going to feel like Neville Chamberlain coming home from his pow-wow with Hitler, waving that pretty little appeasement paper.

Hitler was (an honourary…) German too. I wonder if EVGA inherited his customer service principles. Certainly bloody feels like it.