A gem I was directed to by Tigl from IRC, apparently the No2ID guys lifted our dear home secretary’s fingerprints from a glass they whipped out of a speaking venue. Brilliant.

ID Cards in Demand?

Thursday 2006hrs

It seems that the BBC, guilty of the odd jaunt into fictional reporting, has turned it into a full time occupation. Apparently our beloved facist underminer Jacqui Smith believes that ID Cards are in demand, which is funny, because I don’t know of a single person with whom I’ve discussed the issue who actually thinks they’re a good idea.

Don’t make me put the Niemoller quote again. Please don’t.

TVLA – The Saga Continues

Thursday 1807hrs

Turns out my occasional ranting about the really really rude people at the TV Licensing has picked up its fair share of traffic from Google, leading to an email from the owner of a site called NoTVLicenceFee. Go ahead and take a look, he’s certainly more motivated than me when it comes to raising awareness and actually doing something about it.

Again another shining example of why large government databases are a bad idea. No, not because I’m paranoid about the government (Honest!) but I’m paranoid about the random Toms, Dicks and Harrys that are going to pick up my private data in a pub car park.

12M Government Gateway accounts compromised concerns me more than usual, because now I have to amend all my Government Gateway details.

I wish pigshit-thick civil servants would stop liberally hosing my personal details around the place, thankyouverymuch. The level of complacancy displayed by our database-obsessed overlords when it comes to digital information is really quite frightening. Fighting terror in Iraq? I say spend a little money on “fighting terror” at home, with simple, cost effective measures such as “Not leaving your laptop on a train” and “Keeping your memorysticks encrypted and on a secure keychain”. I’m sure that’s a lot cheaper than a Eurofighter, though not really as sexy to sell.