As some of you may know, I’ve been building a site for a good friend of mine for a while now, and the performance of it has been a bit of a mixed bag. It’s for a business in China that produces woven labels, clothing accessories and the like, damn good ones too, for all the big fashion names that I’m not prone to wearing :) On the one hand it’s a young site, so performance against established competitors wasn’t expected to be as good as it has been, but on the other hand it’s really frustrating to see it trapped in 11th place for “Woven Labels“, one of the key search terms they’re rooting for. Human attention spans are so short that apparently the majority of search traffic goes on the first place term, relevant or not, with an exponential decay from there on out. If you’re on page two, for the majority of the populous, your site may as well not exist. Want to sell woven labels, buttons, zippers, cardboard swing tag oojits and other such paraphernalia and you better hope you can haul ass onto page one. I’ll be watching you, Google, to see if your creepy Theia-esque arachnid pays attention here.

We shall see.

Den Yerec

Sunday 2359hrs

I’ve noticed a few of the people I’ve done photos for now citing the photographer as “Den Yerec” (Incidentally I have a kungfu certificate made out in the same name, much to my amusement). It’s understandable I guess, given that I’m only ever introduced as “Den” and the web address kinda, sorta makes it look that way. Anyhow this post is just to attract the attention of the search engines and clear up that I’m not actually Mr Yerec, just Denyer. You might also be interested in the Flickr profile of Den Yerec too 😉