– Morning funnies

Saturday 1048hrs

EUrope and Italy posted to me this morning by my good friend majic, made me chuckle. It’s got a wonderful soundtrack to it too.

I shat, he shats, we shat.

Thursday 1035hrs

After the last rather miserable post about gun vioence, this made me laugh again…

It *IS* however only from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and I’m not sure what kind of authority over the English language an American body can have. Perhaps it should be the American heritage Dictionary of the American Language? Who knows.

Trigger Happy

Thursday 1031hrs

Today, I have been mostly listening to Tom Paxton – Johnny Got a Gun. It’s not the best song in the world, it’s got no drums for starters which is never a good thing. It does, however, have a message. One that I like lots.

I was moved to post this as my GF was looking at a website regarding “Killing Kids for Votes” and a shift in some US policy that allows 14 year olds to receive the death penalty. She told me, I said “So?” and she looked horrified. A 14 year old murderer is no different to a 30 year old one, except they’re more likely to do it in a tantrum or “paddy” if you will. My girlfriend then argued there’s still time to reform them, to which I replied that there’s no reforming for the dead guy.
There is no justice for the innocent dead, or their families, for that matter.

Time to move on…

Tuesday 1435hrs

This article from the Beeb outlines what I have been telling several friends of mine for a while now. It’s time to let go of Win95 and move on. Some people’s resistance to change is extraordinary, though sometimes understandable. I myself rue the day when Windows, and the only peice of software I need it for, becomes a DRM lock-box that’s largely unusable for anything other than giving $$$ to Mr Gates.

The whole DRM thing scares me. Especially if Adobe don’t get their arse in gear and build a Linux version of their new CS suite. For heaven’s sake, the MacOS10 version is compiled using GCC (Allegedly) so it’s a stones throw from being Linux buildable. I’m betting, though, that behind closed doors a contract was signed to put the pinch on Linux development. Lots of design houses use Macs, but I’m sure a lot more would switch to Linux platforms if they could, simply from an economic standpoint.

I know I would.


Tuesday 1244hrs

I don’t know how many of you are ganesplayers gamesplayers, but recently I’ve been getting a little ticked off with the “Single Player Experiences” that games companies are offering these days. Back in the day ™ you could hack away at a single player game for weeks on end and finally, after a couple of decent plot twists you’d reach the end, satisfied. As I see it, going to watch a movie costs about 4 pounds, a game costs 10 times that and thus should last 10 times longer. We’re talking 20 hours minimum. MINIMUM. No, hell, even 20 hours is too short…

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Underdogs (Battle of the)

Monday 0103hrs

Well, what’s all this then? Four very tiny thumbnails? And they’re ALL swans ?
It seems swans aren’t as popular these days as they once were.

Yes that’s right viewers, those 4 diminuitive thumbs are the four ugliest, most despised, most overlooked photographs from my website. And yes, it is because I was bored and being cocky with my beautifully organised backend. *Ahem*.

They will shuffle, but only if you, dear readers, pay them the courtesy of a visit to drag them, kicking, screaming and begging for appreciation from the bottom of the hit counter. Do your best people, they’re counting on you.

Additional: Shadow suggested an Overlords box. My 4 most heavily viewed pictures. The thing is, they wouldn’t change, and my poor GF’s rear end has already stolen enough of the limelight… 😉

On a Budgie

Friday 1413hrs

Well, I thought it was about time to plug Learning Photography on a Budget, a short article written by a friend of mine who’s been experimenting with dirt cheap film, processing and a Zenit. Why? He likes photography and, unlike me, he’s not prepared to spend his life savings, 3 months rent and 4lbs of flesh ona camera rig. Good on him I say!

Anyone with under a hundred UK pounds to spend can get started, some cheap Fuji Superia 400, an old manual Zenit body, some cheap Zenit-mount lenses from EBay (~10 pounds a throw) and if you shoot slides or only have negatives processed, you won’t scare the moths in the wallet.

It’s no Leica, but for learning, fun or simply scaring people with your communist-looking camera gear it’s a great way to go.

Further photography goodness?
Not today.
Might upload some more photo’s if I’m feeling generous, but that’s unlikely, got work to do! *Gasp*.

I do need to examine how tightly I want to integrate the gallery and the Log, see if I need to restructure the backend a little as I’m growing tired of its simplicity. Also need to get my “business” website, Pixelape, up and running. More later.


Thursday 1524hrs

Oh my word. I want one. I don’t know why. But I do.

The MegaRay appears to be the daddy-oh of all flashlights. Pointless? Probably. Cool? Hell yes! 😀

I should set up a paypal donations thing like Dans Data so people can randomly give me money.
I live in hope.