Time to move on…

Tuesday, December 16th, 2003 at 1435

This article from the Beeb outlines what I have been telling several friends of mine for a while now. It’s time to let go of Win95 and move on. Some people’s resistance to change is extraordinary, though sometimes understandable. I myself rue the day when Windows, and the only peice of software I need it for, becomes a DRM lock-box that’s largely unusable for anything other than giving $$$ to Mr Gates.

The whole DRM thing scares me. Especially if Adobe don’t get their arse in gear and build a Linux version of their new CS suite. For heaven’s sake, the MacOS10 version is compiled using GCC (Allegedly) so it’s a stones throw from being Linux buildable. I’m betting, though, that behind closed doors a contract was signed to put the pinch on Linux development. Lots of design houses use Macs, but I’m sure a lot more would switch to Linux platforms if they could, simply from an economic standpoint.

I know I would.

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