Move to Firefox!

Wednesday 2354hrs

Continuing my campaign to get people to move over to a browser that, well, works properly, I give you:

These guys are actively trying to spread the word and props to them for it. If you’re still using Internet Explorer (Any version) then pay them a visit and when you’re done, go here.

(Seems like their “Add a button to your site code” leaves off their URL so the image doesn’t display… I hope they notice soon ;))

Magical Trevor!

Tuesday 2208hrs

An old friend of mine Norm pointed me to Magical Trevor.

I nearly died laughing, this is genius beyond comparison.

If you don’t even smirk, you need help with your life.

Happy Birthday ‘Coley!

Tuesday 0919hrs

Today is August 17th which means my beautiful girlfriend / soulmate / life-partner / handler / zookeeper turns Twenty….Three! (Not that you could tell ;))

We’re off out tonight to see one of Coley’s friends performing (She’s a stand-up comic) so we’re just hoping it turns out to be funny, as we’re hitching a ride home with them and don’t want to be in *too* awkward a spot!

Happy Birthday Coley! :)

Shame on you, BBC

Monday 2138hrs

The BBC, arguably the last great bastion of properly spoken and reported English in the UK (As everyone knows the UK is appallingly bad at teaching their youth the native language, usually meaning that if a foreigner can negate their accent they can always be detected by their impeccable grammar…), has fallen.

Fallen far.

I quote from an article on painkiller addiction:

With 50 brands to choose from, has the explosion in the painkiller market made us loose sight of the fact that our pain threshold acts as a signal to stop us from injuring ourselves?

“Loose” ? Bloody loose ?


I simply cannot believe how stupid and lazy Microsoft Word has made people. If it’s not underlined in red it must be right, right? NO it’s not. Bloody well fire up a brain cell (Let’s face it, that’s all it takes) to read what you write before you show the world what an illiterate sod you have let yourself become.

Ugh. The BBC, of all institutions… There is no hope.

Some of you already know about this so this post is for those of you I don’t know and haven’t already told.
Ok, I’ll get to the point.
A while back I played around with a pre-built forum system called SMF (Simple Machines Forum), it was an absolute doozy to set up but as with all forums an utter swine to skin / theme / change to look like my website. Which is why it uses the default colours.

Anyway, the forum is for amateur and beginner photographers to huddle together for warmth, share advice and experiences and occasionally put up photos for everyone else to rip to pieces all in the name of constructive criticism. Oh, there’s also fortnightly “projects” so that some people with expensive camera gear are actually encouraged to go out and use it.


You do need to register to view certain sections and upload images, if things get popular I’ll insist on people hosting images remotely and linking to them to preserve some precious webspace and bandwidth.

With no further ado, I give you the Amateur Photography Forum !

Some of you might wonder why I’ve bothered and not just gone to another community type site. One main reason is this started with a small bunch of friends and online people, the other is that some communities get very… odd, so I thought I’d just start my own :)

Framing Service!

Wednesday 1715hrs

Framing shops charge a lot. I discovered this when I decided to get a drawing I had done of an owl framed for my dad’s birthday. Don’t get me wrong, the shop did an absolutely wonderful job (Quickly too) but the cost did surprise me, especially when I enquired about just having “cardboard” mounts done for my photographs.

The idea quickly formed in my head to do it myself, so I got hold of a Longridge Mount Cutter and after slicing open my leg with the cutter on one famous occassion I finally got the hang of making the mount frames.

However, unless you can make the wooden frames yourself also, the mount cutter alone doesn’t help you produce a saleable product. Enter the 3M Adhesive Transfer Gun, or ATG for short. I purchased mine just the other day from DIY Framing in the UK and it arrived this morning.

I can now mount my artwork in single or double (Or triple, ohh err!) mounts for official sale, as they’re fully sealed and backed properly ready to be dropped into a pre-purchased frame of suitable depth. (A single mount and backboard measures approximately 3mm thick)

If you see any photo’s on my site you’d like printed and mounted, please contact me for information!
I will be setting up a more formal method for doing this soon.

If you’d like to see some photos of the mount I put together today, just hit “more”.

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