Happy Birthday ‘Coley!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004 at 0919

Today is August 17th which means my beautiful girlfriend / soulmate / life-partner / handler / zookeeper turns Twenty….Three! (Not that you could tell ;))

We’re off out tonight to see one of Coley’s friends performing (She’s a stand-up comic) so we’re just hoping it turns out to be funny, as we’re hitching a ride home with them and don’t want to be in *too* awkward a spot!

Happy Birthday Coley! :)

5 Comment for “Happy Birthday ‘Coley!”

  1. Andrew Said this on

    Bless, happy birthday Coley!

  2. Rob Said this on

    Happy birthday Coley ! 😀
    Hope you have a good evening out.

  3. Andy Said this on

    Happy birthday Coley!!… and my first comment here =o)

  4. monkeyking Said this on

    Happy belated birthday C, sorry so late, this little monkey be very busy. Hope all is well.

    Still looking

  5. Hanski Said this on

    Very very happy birthday to Cole, much love!

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