Comment Spammers Ahoy

Thursday 2344hrs

Over the last few hours I’ve been receiving a lot of spam comments from and they’ve been cluttering up my mailbox and this blog.
This has forced me to implement comment blacklisting, with that idiot’s name at the top of the list. Feel free to spam him/her in return, if they’ve chosen to litter my website with garbage then no doubt they’re busily doing it to other people too. The hack I have installed is the WordPress Comment Blacklister by Laughing Lizard. Nice and easy, very happy. is the address, whoever you are, sod off and do something useful with your time instead of polluting the internet site with your gibberish adverts for goodness knows what.

Favicon Extravaganza

Tuesday 0950hrs

I made a post a while ago about how to make the winky little favicons, the little 16×16 icons that appear in the address bar in decent, working browsers.
This morning a mail dropped into my box concerning a favicon gallery which is a great site made even better by the fact that my monkey made it in there, ohh err!

In other news, I’m starting to get a little paranoid about my blog/website crashing to peices and also about me forgetting the plethora of passwords I’ve had to create for things over the last few months. I suck with remembering things in a bad, bad way. So far, Natwest have had to reactivate my online banking account no fewer than 3 times…

Photographic Philosophy

Tuesday 1740hrs

“One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.” (Dorothea Lange)

aplus » moments

Wednesday 0052hrs

Take a moment to go and read this…aplus » moments
A very well presented, informative and downright useful web-log website. Hats off to the owner Aleksandar Vacic. Just what is it with these Eastern Europeans? :) Hilarity

Monday 1647hrs

This quote from made me laugh rather too much.

Short break…?

Monday 1645hrs

My PC is flagging, again. Gotta love the install/re-install cycle that certain operating system vendors force you through. This time I was a little frustrated by the awkwardness a certain emai client provokes when it comes to backing things up. It makes it LOOK like everything is in one file but I learnt last time I went through this that the “all in one personal file” malarky is a downright lie. Your emails go into one file, your mailbox rules another, the application’s settings can only be backed up through a special wizard you need to install and finally if you’ve given anyone a nickname, the Gods forbid that you be able to actually back this up with their name and address. Noooooo. You have to go hunting for a special nickname cache file that if you don’t rescue, you will lose and then wonder why on earth you don’t recognise anyone in your address book anymore. *Sigh*

I have noticed through distant examination of MS Windows that it attempts to centralise certain files and settings. However, this approach only works if the application designers conform which, sadly, they don’t seem to most of the time and beyond this you have a multi-user environment to further mix things up. You have some user-based settings scattered to the wind inside deeply-buried user directories, you have general settings stored in the registry (Nightmare!) or in .INI files in the program folder or, worse, stuffed down in some system DIR and then you have files that may or may not be important crowding places such as “Common files” and the like.
Good grief.
What I’d like to see is the following kind of approach:
1- Install software to a given directory
2- In a multi-user environment store all relevant settings in a username.settings file and all user data in a file , stored within the application directory somewhere by default but give the option to relocate.
3- Regardless of where settings need to be to actually be active (Registry, etc) create a shadow program.settings file that is always updated with the current program settings and can be read in by the program to restore things like registry entries if they’re not found.

I’d like to see programs that made it mindlessly easy to backup everything you need and also programs that you can move from OS install to OS install simply by copying the folder. Some do, some don’t. I like the ones that do.

Anyone living in the UK will know DFS. They’ve been around for a while, retailling (naturally) quality seating to residents of this merry green isle.
They also always have a sale on which, always, ends this Sunday.
Perhaps someone was a bit too zealous suggesting that the original sale (Probably started some way back in 1985) should end “This Sunday” and thought it’d be hillarious to continue ending the sale on every Sunday from the date they started until, well, at least until now.
Thinking about it, if you have a sale on every day of every week then your baseline prices would be said sale prices. That would mean that you are never really presenting a below-average-price saving to your customers and, really, shouldn’t be advertising the fact you have a sale on at all.

I wonder if the advertising standards agency has considered this?