Comment Spammers Ahoy

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004 at 2344

Over the last few hours I’ve been receiving a lot of spam comments from and they’ve been cluttering up my mailbox and this blog.
This has forced me to implement comment blacklisting, with that idiot’s name at the top of the list. Feel free to spam him/her in return, if they’ve chosen to litter my website with garbage then no doubt they’re busily doing it to other people too. The hack I have installed is the WordPress Comment Blacklister by Laughing Lizard. Nice and easy, very happy. is the address, whoever you are, sod off and do something useful with your time instead of polluting the internet site with your gibberish adverts for goodness knows what.

10 Comment for “Comment Spammers Ahoy”

  1. Denyerec Said this on

    Testing the spamfilter.

  2. Dictator for Life Said this on

    Comment Spam was totally “comment-spammed (as well)”: over the last few days, and I’ve only just noticed. I’ve now put in a script that automatically closes comments after 14 days. If this doesn’t help, I’ll …

  3. Zoomer Said this on

    what and the silly sod left his email, now I know there must be some sort of gay porn mailing list about somewhere.

  4. Kurenin Said this on

    :( Poor Denyerec.

    Even though his website is boring and stuff, cause I dont like photography, people shouldnt do this to him!

    /me hugs Den

  5. Andrew Said this on

    It’s probably a spoof email address, or some poor sods email address that the guy has picked up

  6. Matthew Said this on

    It;s a fake address.

    The real SPAM company is a bunch of jerks using a French registrar. I get the same thing, but my blog is set up to require me to approve posts. Naturaly, this can be done due to low volume.

  7. test Said this on

    Hello, World

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  9. John Said this on

    1226 comments while I was away for a week, from this guy over my 2 WP blogs.
    If anyone deserves mailbombing….:)

  10. Dell Said this on

    I feel for you… they have done the SAME thing to me today!!!! And I was so happy with how WordPress did not give me any spam problems…

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