Ten green bottles…

Wednesday 0329hrs

This has nothing to do with bottles. This has everything to do with the thousands of robots, underpaid Americans and bored 13 year old ‘Hax0rs’ that think advertising loans, viagra, herbal viagra, casino viagra, texas holdem viagra, poker, herbal poker and herbal texas holdem viagra loans on my website is going to get them even one more visitor to whatever lousy site they’re touting.

It’s really getting silly. For a while now I’ve had WordPress on ‘Moderate all comments’ mode, meaning I have to look through a list of all comments and yes/no them. I also installed a basic blacklist module to try and crop out some of the rubbish I get blasted with on a 24 hour basis. These things are starting also to fail me, the only corner I can run to now is the newness of wordpress1.5.2, which I shall be doing when I return from Oz.

I have decided to make a list.

  • Complete the new AMM plugin with the assistance of Sozu Web Design
  • Redesign my website slightly and upgrade to WP1.5
  • Finalyl write a working gallery thing so I can get some more photos online

Now, regulars here will remember that I made an eerily similar list some 5 months ago and, evidently, have completely failled to complete it. No more. Sick of idleness I am. Small and green I have become.

Fed up with saying I’ll do thing and not doing things, really this time, I’m going to go ahead and do them. Promise. If I don’t, the herbal loan peddlers deserve everything they get, including interest rates that will stay up for hours.

We’re in Singapore, yo!
For those who didn’t know, I am flying with my girlfriend Coley to the (Currently not so sunny) shores of Melbourne, Aus. We’re off for 3 weeks and when I get back I swear, honest, that I’ll get the photos from the last….9 months into my gallery. It’s now a life mission.

As for the flight I actually managed to sleep, though poor coley did not. 12 hours in the air to Singapore and I think it’s ‘only’ another 9 to Melbourne.

Oh, they couldn’t start Number 3 engine on the runway in London. Lovely. Had to hand start it, possibly with a crank. Morris Minor Ho! (That will have to be explained later)

So, on to Melbourne. Nix, if you’re reading, we’re coming for you boy…

Quick run fly

Thursday 1157hrs

I wanted to be more verbose, but I left it too late and I, quite literally, have a plane to catch.

We’re going to Holland to see friends. Hopefully lots of them :)

I promise I will fix my gallery into SOME kind of working order when I return, even if I don’t manage to release the latest version of my gallery software for another…. 3 years. Rob, any offers of help there? 😉

Will be posting from overseas. Possibly.