57 so far.

Friday, April 16th, 2004 at 1023

Well I’m doing OK. No near misses yesterday and I’m feeling confident 😉
A quick browse through the BBC today revealed this breath of fresh air. Finally a vacuous lawsuit rejected, I want to see more of these to be honest. The story is of a ballerina who was sacked because she was too fat. She tried to go for the kill and get £1,000,000 in compensation by claiming that ballet was an art of the soul, not of the kilogram.
Ok lady, try telling that to the poor sap in tights that has to get you airbourne.
If it was an art of the soul, I’d be using it to do the gardening and lift cars over my head. If you’re not fit to fly, lose some cargo!
I reckon unfair dismissal suits are going to crop up in the airline field soon. Airlines hire slim, svelt and small people because they fit down the aisles and they don’t contribute greatly to fuel load. If you’re a 300lb knuckledragger then don’t be shocked if you fail the interview, deal with it. Obesity to me represents a certain lack of willpower, and when it comes to apportioning blame don’t try and sue your boss, your partner or your favorite burger bar. No. Write your legal claim backwards and hand it over to the guy in the mirror.

4 Comment for “57 so far.”

  1. Zoomer Said this on

    damn right, its anoying to see people drain maony out of companies because they have been fired because they dont fit the position anymore. if a fireman becomes to week and small to save live then they loose their job its the wayy it goes.

  2. Zimmer Said this on

    Shame, no chance of you taking your English teacher to court then, Zoomer? 😉

  3. Zoomer Said this on

    Exactly, but I do blame her for everything that goes wrong when I type something on a website that I cant edit after.

  4. Rob G Said this on

    5′ 7″ and 110 lbs ain’t exactly obese, maybe they should tell the sissy male balet dancers to go lift some weights or something.

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