58 Numbered Days

Thursday, April 15th, 2004 at 1121

A rather odd thing happened the day before yesterday that I intended to blog instantly, but forgot about until now. I took a phonecall at around 1900hrs and on the other end of the line was a rather happy-to-talk-to-you assistant calling on behalf of Barclays Bank. I’ll call him Jim. I can’t remember his real name.

Me: Heeeeello?
Jim: Hi there, I’m Jim calling from Barclays Bank. I’m pleased to inform you that you’ve been randomly selected as one of ten thousand customers to benefit from a special insurance cover option.
Me: Go on…
Jim: You’ve been selected to receive 60 days free accidental death cover, after which there’s no obligation to continue but should you wish to, it’s only fourteen pounds per month, and will cover you fo..
Me: Can I please just interrupt you there? I’m not intending to die accidentally before June, and there’s no way I can afford fourteen pounds a month to cover me after the trials over, so there’s not much point continuing from here.
Jim: *laughs* Ok, no problem sir. Thanks for your time.
Me: Thank you Jim, goodnight.

True story.
I got off the phone and wondered “Hey, how wierd would it be if I died accidentally before June?”. Then I started wondering if this was some kind of portent, or if they know something I don’t.
Either way, I can’t afford the £14 and if I do accidentally meet my maker, what the hell do I care if I had insurance or not?

58 days to go before I can stop randomly changing my route to the shops, closing the curtains early and hiding my garbage in other people’s binbags. 😉

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    Haha thats fecking good tbh 😀 me shall see you in 59days 😛

  3. monkeyking Said this on

    Hey Den, if you go can I have your…….oh wait shipping costs would be stupidly high, and lets not forget about customs, and their view on the entire thing………never mind, but do send us a postcard of the light, I haven’t seen that in a while.



    Still looking

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