Amazon Media Manager 1.3

Monday, January 24th, 2005 at 1044

Thanks to a kind fellow called Justin Baeder, the Amazon Media Manager has received a bit of an update. It should now work on WordPress 1.2 and upward, with a revised readme.txt to indicate the installation procedure. There are also now some CSS classes on the amazon items to let you style them as desired, but these won’t affect anything if you choose not to use them.

Both versions are available for download here.

Due to personal time constraints and working on another project, I will not be making and revisions to the script for a little while but do intend to revise it as soon as I get the opportunity.

6 Comment for “Amazon Media Manager 1.3”

  1. nick Said this on

    1) Does this work with 1.5? I’ve implemented it, and it doesn’t seem to work quite right.

    2) is there an alternative to the fopen command? or, do i just need to ask my host to allow it?


  2. Chris T. Said this on

    To get this hack working under WP 1.5, find the line that looks like this at the top:


    and add this line right after it:


    This seems to get everything working like normal.

  3. Mariko Said this on

    I had to erase require_once(’admin-header.php’); to get it working in 1.5

  4. Mariko Said this on

    sorry, an addendum to my other comment,

    and just have require_once(’admin.php’);

  5. Mariko Said this on

    Can the image src be editable so that when I find a book that Amazon doesn’t have I can supply it?

  6. Jeff Said this on

    I am still getting blank page on my admin site for Amazon. Using version 1.5

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