Anti-Terrorism Keeps Us ‘Safe’

Thursday, August 18th, 2005 at 1123

I throw this out to you: Something Rotten in Denmark

I throw it out to all the people who keep maintaining that crazy-ass laws and new legislations will keep us safe from the armies of terrorists lurking in the shadows, waiting to steal our daughters and blow up our trains.

I support Greenpeace and what they do and stand for. Does that now get me on a government watch-list? I’m no more likely to blow something up than Ghandi (And lets face it, doing that from beyond the grave would draw applause, not criticism…) and yet, under current “legal” practice I’m probably guilty by association now.

I’ve not yet been made a “Victim of Terrorism”, I don’t think blowing things up is a good, justifiable or nice thing to do, but with the rampant lack of perspective and vision displayed by the electorate means pretty soon there won’t be freedoms left to defend.

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5 Comment for “Anti-Terrorism Keeps Us ‘Safe’”

  1. Emmah Said this on

    Hello munky loo la face. I keep having dreams about you and Nicole having a baby! yes that is right. So are you going to have a baby?
    from emma

  2. Denyerec Said this on

    Don’t *think* so… Love the email address :)

  3. Ben Said this on

    why? where do babies come from?

  4. Denyerec Said this on

    Get back to work you slacker ;P

  5. Syrus Said this on

    Couldn’t agree more. People are nuts and say ‘yeah, but terrorism’. Pfft, we’re much more likely to get our rights taken away from us than get terrorized. Char.

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