Bandwidth Battery

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004 at 0910

Grey Tuesday has been and gone by without the excitement of a C&D letter from the darlings at EMI. I guess I should take that as a good thing.

After the files were deleted from my FTP I decided to take a wee look at my website stats…

Valuehost give me 1Gb of bandwidth per day, which is jolly nice of them for the price, and my stats looked like this:
Bandwidth Usage:
Last 2 days: 1.64Gb

Last Month: 0.35Gb

So in the space of roughly 36 hours I exhausted more bandwidth that I managed to do in the previous 31 days. Hurrah, I guess 😀 Now would anyone who dropped by to pick up the album leave a comment or two? I’d love to know if anyone new checked in!

Work continues on my Amazon script, after a few days of being really really thick, the web tutorial is in the works and I’m trying to design my business website and not getting anywhere. More later.

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  1. ZimmerFrame Said this on

    Where has the icey theme changer gone since you had your Grey Day??

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