Dubious honour

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 at 1108

There are some people at www.marcnjami.com (They don’t get an active hyperlink because they don’t deserve it) who have stolen my Munky favicon WITHOUT ASKING OR CREDITING ME without realising it was mine! This was kindly brought to my attention by a friend on IRC who thought they might have been working in conjunction with me on a gallery script.

The fellow I blasted a rather curt email to has responded kindly and ditched the monkey, comes to the fore that he’d found the icon and several others on the Favicon gallery I was added to a little while ago. Seems that the Favicon gallery might be giving a little too much spotlight to Google Ads and not enough to the fact that you can’t use the icons from that gallery without permission.

Ahhhh, capitalism 😉

Thanks to marcnjami.com for being nice, the internet’s not often an understanding place.

One Comment for “Dubious honour”

  1. Benny Said this on

    Nobody should mess with the monkey.
    Hey hey we’re the monkey’s

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