EBuyer Beware

Tuesday, May 18th, 2004 at 0843

My foam-mouthed ranting could go either way this morning, as I am waiting for a customer support helpline to open. Why so? Yesterday I bought some parts from EBuyer.co.uk (No, they do not get a link from me, they don’t deserve one yet.)
In true UK E-Retailler fashion they have dispatched, as always, the wrong parts. The item in question this time is a Chieftec BX02-B-B-Sl Case. A quick shufty at the Chieftec website indicates that said case is all black, save for the center panel. What I received was a BX02-B-Sl-B, which not only looks thoroughly homosexual but is also THE WRONG CASE.

Why does this always happen to me? I am being tested.

The EBuyer support lines open at 9am, so I will be venting my spleen at them shortly. The results of said venting will doubtless be aired here soon.


I called their support line and spoke to the lovely Karen, who said she’d do all she could to arrange for free courier collection of the case today. Just a few moments ago, a Citylink van turned up and whisked it away. So, the case will be with them tomorrow, and hopefully when I pester them around 1100hrs, they’ll dispatch a replacement same-day to get to me by Thursday.
I live in hope.
All is not lost, my DVD writer (NEC2500a) arrived earlier also, so I’ll be bunging that in soon and backing up all my work, finally! I bet as soon as I publish this, my main HDD explodes in a puff of smo…

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  1. Zimmer Said this on

    The ‘E’ stands for ‘Exasperated’..

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    The S ?

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