OCUK Incompetant or Illegal?

Monday, February 23rd, 2004 at 1053

This morning I received a delivery from Overclockers.co.uk, parts for constructing a friend’s PC.
I unpacked everything and geave everything the obligatory looking over. Lo, to my absolute lack of surprise, OCUK have screwed up again. This would, on a one-off, not bug me, however I have yet to order something from them and have it turn up correct and on time.

They are advertising Shuttle 6-in-1 card readers, which ship with changeable bezels and are of reasnobly decent construction.

What they SELL are these, some dodgy knockoff OEM part that looks like it was glued together using Games Workshop castoffs.

I call tech support. “Yes sir, we only sell one card reader and yes it is produced by Vertex.”
“But wait,” I say, “You advertise the shuttle part, which is markedly different from the one you ACTUALLY sell?”
“Yes, even shuttle sell unbadged parts, it’s the same device…”

I insist on a refund and am told the RMA will be sent out in good order. I now have to find a supplier for the Shuttle part, as anyone with HALF an eye could tell you that the shuttle part is nowhere close in looks or substance to the crappy Vertex standin. So, I’m waiting for the RMA request, which I’m half expecting never to arrive.
What happened this time may indeed actually be illegal, if anyone out there can give me any information, please get in touch.

Not only that, but I was so angry on the telephone that I forgot to complain about the fact they’d supplied a Japanese power cord for the flatpanel screen…

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  1. ZimmerFrame Said this on

    Hmm, perhaps you should inform Shuttle Technologies that OC are selling the tat under the pretense it is a Shuttle unit…I wonder what they would make of that?….(make sure you get your dosh back first, though…)

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