Profit Mad

Monday, May 17th, 2004 at 0940

What is it with Wall Street and business directors? All they want is profit, profit profit. Profit has become the sole measure of success for a business these days and if you’re not making any, you’re obviously failling.
But hang on a moment.
If you’re providing a top-rate service, you pay all your workers a healthy salary, you have provided for business expansion, refurbished your offices and on top of that paid yourself a big fat salary then, well, why measure the business success by the money you haven’t spent and have left over?
My case in point is British Airways, once again the BBC starting my rant juices flowing.
They were “suffering” from falling profits. Lets see, this year their profits are up around 100 million on last year. “Gee wow” go the shareholders and economists. Ain’t that dandy? Well, to be honest, no. They’ve sacked countless employees, scrapped flight routes, stuffed planes in the hangar and I’m betting the workers canteen has either closed or is at least no longer subsidised.
In my eyes, British Airways is stumbling down the well-advertised path to false economic glory and humanitarian faliure.

When will these pig ignorant brokers and directors get the message? How does the huge profit help the company? It doesn’t. Sure, money in the bank could buy more planes, lead to pay rises or a new canteen, etc, but if you scrapped that to get the damn profit in the first place you’re just eating your own tail. Money-mad greedy investors and people who control the ephemeral “values” represented on the stock market will destroy the place. I guarantee it. Not only that, but whilst the average UK worker is sat at home, wondering how he’ll pay his rent, the damn bastards at the top will be contemplating whether spend this years profit excess on having their yachts refurbished in beige or charcoal.

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  1. Peter Said this on

    Great blog! I want to create my own blog… im doing some research for inspiration and came accross yours…

  2. Skabez Said this on

    I know this isn’t your point, but just so you know, the British Airways canteen at Heathrow is still subsidised – heavily. 3 course meal for about 2 quid, sure it aint gourmet, but it is nice and plenty nice enough for me – and the rest of the hangar massive.

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