Red Redmond? Never.

Thursday, May 27th, 2004 at 1252

An interesting little piece on Microsoft, about them telling the world that Open Source software is a waste of money.
Excuse me?
Rambling outbursts like this amuse me sometimes, which is why I posted it for you. It goes on to suggest that open source software is not free, because the companies supporting it are commercially motivated, just like Microsoft. Ho hum. One thing they fail to pick up on is that those who choose to help themselves aren’t subject to a squillion and one security updates, ID trackers and monster license fees.
Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of some stick here, but it looks like Micro$oft wants make clear to the world that when you program Open Source, you program Communism. Interestingly enough, they’re trying to sell this viewpoint to the East, most notably China and the rest of the rapidly developing nations out there. I wonder if they’ve noticed that they’re not Capitalists? Mind you, it wouldn’t be unlike good old Uncle Sam to roam into a country ignorant to said country’s social and economic quirks… :S

Something on my desk is rattling, so I will stop typing until I’ve nailled it down.

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