Remote Government Compassion

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004 at 1011

There have been a few kidnappings of late in Iraq. A few days ago some Japanese were taken hostage and demands were made, to which the Japanese government (As far as I understand) responded rather dispassionately. Disgruntled, the captors released their victims. I can only imagine what they were thinking…
“You know, we need to capture some nationals from a caring country, a country whose government will respond to our demands out of desperate concern for the wellbeing of their citizens…”

Ladies and Gentlement, I give to you:

Russian Hostages Siezed in Iraq

Way to go guys… 😉

3 Comment for “Remote Government Compassion”

  1. Zoomer Said this on

    at this rate they will mark and ark and wait for the rain, gonna get atleast 2 from every country or somthing.

  2. MaZ Said this on

    Taking hostages never really gets you anywhere does it? Silly fooools, they should go blow up more stuff

  3. Zoomer Said this on

    hmm, they found dead Americans I guess they where more anoying then the others.

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