Same guy, different brand?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 at 0154

You can’t overlook the possibility that the same guy could have been responsible for this…

Scottish Arts Council Logo

… and this …

Quark Logo

I’ve not yet found out, but if anyone knows let me know. Or perhaps let the Scottish Arts Council know… I’d love to know how much Quark paid for this too though, given this little faux pas, I don’t think they’ll be making an admission any time soon.

2 Comment for “Same guy, different brand?”

  1. fred Said this on

    i doubt the same guy designed it. in this case its either poor research or a copy.

  2. Andrew Said this on

    Holy crap!

    I deal with people who are closely tied to SAC with my work; I’ll pass the link on :)

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