The Grey Album

Friday, February 20th, 2004 at 0944

A friend of mine forwarded a link to an interesting site called Grey Tuesday, basically it’s making a stand against record companies and copyright lawyers trying to clamp down on people who use samples in their work. The leeches lawyers claim it’s a copyright infringment, Grey Tuesday is claiming it’s a restriction on creativity. I headed over and downloaded a couple of tracks, figuring if they were any good I’d join in with the protesting. Plus it gives me a good excuse to make a new theme for the site.
I won’t pretend I was enthralled by what I heard, ordinarily I prefer music by a few people with some guitars and drums, people who stick swords into electric organs, lots of people with miniature guitars and even huge crowds of people with no guitars at all. However from an impartial standpoint I will say that it sounded awfully well done from what I’ve heard of the genre, though I’m not sure why that chap had to talk all the way over the jolly nice intro’s…
I will endeavour to download and host the album on the 24th of February by means of protest, though I’m still convinced that this Dangermouse chap needs a decent drummer. I’ll also try and make the site grey. “Bo shizzle”.

Or something.

2 Comment for “The Grey Album”

  1. Rob Said this on

    lol, I wasn’t expecting it to be your kind of music… haven’t listened to it myself yet, but then being at work its not easy…

  2. steven v. Said this on

    danjer mouse is a DJ… the “chap” is jay-z and the music is the beetles… danjer mouse just combined samples of the two and created the ‘grey album’.

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