Whaddya Want?

Monday, April 19th, 2004 at 1346

Over the weekend my traffic hit the lowest point it’s seen in a long time.
It got me thinking… What do you people want to see?

This started out as a photography site, but the hits in the gallery (Using my very crude PHP hit detector) don’t match up with the hits I get on my blog page, which made me wonder whether it’s my photographs or my irreverent rambling you want.

Please, see the comment button just down there to the right?

Hit that, and tell me what you want.

9 Comment for “Whaddya Want?”

  1. Phunky Said this on

    Well i only hit your blog really, you may wont to seperate the two, i know Houser does this. He’s also hooked up to some PhotoBlog sites or summat like that :E

    I tell you what i want, i want you to release you gallery script :~P

  2. Gibster Said this on

    So joing the sig-ring has reduced your hits!!! weird, i was gonna apply but i don’t think i’ll bother now.

  3. Shadow_Xj5 Said this on

    Well, somehow your site ended up on my rounds so it gets hit once a day or so, though I rarely read your blog unless it mensions something I help you write… I was more intrested in your pictures, but you don’t appear to update your gallery very oftern.

  4. monkeyking Said this on

    I like cake.

    *runs away before the beating starts.

    [i]Still looking[/i]

  5. andrew Said this on

    I hit the front page daily; from there I can see if there’s a new photo, and check out your skills from the left hand side link.

    As I’ve seen all the photos in the gallery during the site’s genesis, I’ll only revisit the gallery front page (probably what you’ve got the counter tied to) occasionally if there’s something I want to look at again.

    While this seems somewhat obvious, it might be of use. I do like to see new photos though, the blogging is a daily distraction of pith that I also enjoy.

  6. Andrew Said this on

    Maybe you should add a news post for when you add a new photograph? I mean I also check your news feed once a day (at least), and because of the size of my browser, don’t always check for new images.

  7. Benny Said this on

    I agree with andrew, if you’ve already seen the photos your not likely to go back and view them again .

    And on a side note remember you got confused when someone asked you about fixing tv’s yesterday? Check your FAQ, first question. And may i be the first to say … eejit 😉

  8. Denyerec Said this on

    Curses, you’re right.
    I stand by it, I’ll do it for cash, can guarantee I’d fix it though 😉

  9. Zoomer Said this on

    I first came to the site because of the gallery was here then started reading the blog and such and well unless you put loads more pictures up you will allways get more hits from the blog as it is updated a lot more.

    but as must web designers know the answer to more repeat hits is adding content all the time.

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