Windows Vista, Big Brother moves in.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005 at 1354

Vista’s strong, new antipiracy protections

This is hopeless. I’d like to think that people will boycott the whole damn thing but they won’t, they never do. Corporations dictating law to protect corporations is nothing new but the flagrant smell of it is getting too much to bear.

It’s a 2 second analytical leap to go from “Protecting your video all the way to the output device” to telling you that you can only watch it one time. Not Pause it. Can’t skip the damned commercials. Mustn’t see nudity. Must see graphic violence. Must make a donation to the NRA before being allowed to see the finale.

Ye gods.

They talk about security as if it’s for the users benefit and the sad thing is, people buy into it. The only thing Vista wants to secure is the bottom line for its investors and partnerships. But then, why shouldn’t they? That’s what capitalism is all about.

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  1. zimmer Said this on

    quoting from the article…
    The new technology, which could go as far as automatically turning off outputs connected to devices deemed insecure, is aimed at persuading Hollywood studios that the PC can be as safe as any consumer electronics device…. Like the cassette recorder..or the cd player that can be plugged to a recording device… LOL …
    Whatever software can turn off, software can turn back on… :)
    nothing is safe to the determined ‘pirate’ who wants to make money… so the average Joe consumer could be lumbered with content he cannot make portable, or convenient to view/listen to , and the majority can soon get fed up with that and ‘switch off’ entirely and keep listening to the old media.. Only the ‘young’ will be enticed en masse to subscribe to the new formats, which is their main market anyway for making a quick buck.
    So as long as they haven’t got free access to the ‘Top (that’s a laugh ) Ten’ then Hollywood will be happy..
    Thought…will our ‘young people’ desperate for Pop regress to the days of shoving a microphone against the radio (DAB , even)/TV speaker and recording the latest ditties to tape, before recording them again in real time to the PC ? Are they smart enough to even think of it?…hmmm, where’s my old Philips cassette player? (I last remember seeing it in 1969.)..oh, there’s an old reel to reel in the loft….

  2. Denyerec Said this on

    Don’t forget Zimm… If they get their way they’ll need a DRM sensitive microphone, and a DRM sensitive tape deck. Can you even still buy tapes?

    Break out the wax blanks I say, and hand me that hearing trumpet…

  3. zimmer Said this on

    Talking of that, I have a recording of Goodbye, Little Girl, Goodbye (Tenor Solo) on a cylinder, and have no cylinder player to play it on… now there’s copy protection for you, by obsolesence…whither DVD formats in say, 50 years, even..

  4. Mixu Pattelianan Said this on

    How can you know so much about computers AND have a steady girlfriend??!!

  5. zimmer Said this on

    Steady Girlfriend?, who’s been talking…..don’t tell Mrs. Zimm :)

    ..oh, did you mean Den ?… sorry….(he doesn’t know that much , anyway, spends most of his spare time breaking concrete blocks with his bare hands and learning how to disrupt DDR ram with just the power of thought and a bit of Chi energy….)

  6. Marco Raaphorst Said this on

    I agree. there goes our freedom… but only if we would upgrade. so no upgrade for me.

  7. Steven Woods Said this on

    This comment was posted using a DRM-free copy (yes :P) of Windows 2000 Advanced Server.


  8. Syrus Said this on

    For christ sake. Use linux. Yes it can be frustrating at times, but if you don’t, you’re gonna end up a sucker. Oh, plus it rocks.

  9. Steven Woods Said this on

    Yes, it rocks if you like to spend all day configuring the damn OS, instead of doing any work being on IRC.

  10. Steven Woods Said this on

    I don’t have any DRM problems anyway, DEViANCE and Raz0r1911 take care of that for me before I download anything 😛

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