…and get kicked out of shopping centres.
El Reg has a peice on some sane people being kicked out of a shopping centre. Why? They were distributing a harmless, correct and informative flyer at the same time as some Pro-ID henchmen were touring the self same shopping centre.
So the henchmen had a word with staff, who had a word with the police who had more than words with the 4 calm “Protestors”. I’d take that as an indicator that we don’t need ID cards to propel us into a police state…
Read the full article on The Register.

Because I like them and think they’re dead right, click right away to view a copy of the No2ID flyer.

Also, have a link over to the No2ID website.

Firefox Button mashing

Tuesday 0106hrs

Firefox is throwing an illegal exception error when I click the “publish” button. Investigation is required. I’m running the new Deer Park Beta and so far, can’t post using it.
I just hope I can find the problem fast.

This post was brought to you by… *shudder*… Internet Explorer.

HeMan does 4 Non Blondes

Tuesday 0105hrs

Following on from the Matchbox Carchase and thanks once again to the procrastinating powers that reside in #Webdev I bring you:
He-Man does 4 Non Blondes

Despite the title it isn’t dirty (I know what you were thinking… There weren’t 4 non-blonde blokes IN He-Man…) and it’s hillarious for anyone who knows the track or the cartoon.


Photoshop CS2 Bug?

Thursday 1847hrs

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but in CS2 if you zoom in to 1600% and then try and use the SHIFT key to constrain the movement of a guide to the grid (1 pixel increments) it deletes the guide instead. Zoom out to just 1 stop less (1200%) and shift+move works as expected, locking the position of the guide to the pixel grid.

Funny that.

I also find that sub-pixel guide positioning in a raster editing program is a bit weird, but maybe thats just me.

Same guy, different brand?

Wednesday 0154hrs

You can’t overlook the possibility that the same guy could have been responsible for this…

Scottish Arts Council Logo

… and this …

Quark Logo

I’ve not yet found out, but if anyone knows let me know. Or perhaps let the Scottish Arts Council know… I’d love to know how much Quark paid for this too though, given this little faux pas, I don’t think they’ll be making an admission any time soon.

Interview: Hans Reiser

Tuesday 2057hrs

Interview: Hans Reiser is an interesting read for anyone interested in all things filesystem.

When good dogs… go mad

Tuesday 1436hrs

Thanks Koo from #webdev for posting this one:
Deeply disturbed Canine

His rear-left leg really wanted that bone…

Hot off the press at the BBC we have our dear CotE Calling for Oil Producing Nations to Reduce Prices. Is he for real? Surely to be where he is now he must have studied, ohh, I don’t know, perhaps economics? Even basic accounting? Maybe even just General Studies?

The fact that oil supply is almost beaten by demand is now all over the popular press, meaning that it’s already sensationalist which means it has to be at disasterous limits. Lets face it, the press never report on anything unless it’s reached a newsworth level of “disastery-ness”. How, then, does Mr Brown expect the oil producing nations to help reduce prices? Make more oil? Emphasis on the *make* there, not pump…

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