Rigor Mortis

Tuesday 2125hrs

Has the rot set in?
Am I tired of blogging?
Am I regretting not taking out that life insurance?


I’m just busy, thankfully, with work. My website uploader is broken and I don’t have chance to fix it and as I’m re-writing a gallery system anyway I don’t have the motivation to sort mine out as I’ll simply replace it with the new version when it’s done…

Speaking of things that need to be done, here’s a quick list of things I want to do and WILL be doing at some point. I promise. I need to make a Rob like attempt to fill my day with motivation and get things done.

  • Come up with a brand new funky site design
  • Install and style WordPress 1.5
  • Style my gallery to match
  • This is of course after I’ve got the new gallery working
  • And re-uploaded all my photos…
  • Re-write the AMM WordPress hack from scratch for WP1.5 using Amazon SOAP
  • Upload the photos I have and have been meaning to upload forever
  • Take more photos

So, there you have it. I swear I’ll get around to them all, no, really. And soon too, if I can motivate myself…