OMG HaxzOr!

Thursday 1214hrs

My site has not been hacked.
I have actually uploaded a new photograph.

I intend to do this once a day and once every 2 days at the slackest.

How long this crazy enthusiasm will last, I have no idea.

I wonder sometimes whether people overlook the gallery. I hope they don’t because that’s really the only reason I’m here! In an effort to help people keep up with the latest photos, photo’s younger than 10 days will appear with a natty little New! thing by them in the “Latest Photo’s” list just to the right there…

Before now, uploading more than one photo meant that the first up would disappear without acknowledgement into the “5 most recent” list, and not get the attention it should. I hope this helps fix the problem. I may even make it cookie based, so all new photos will shout at you the first time, and not afterward, but that would take a lot of effort and my time is better spent elsewhere. I may consider putting different colours up for photos of my GF, but they mysteriously attract more attention than anything anyway…