Short post to bring your attentions to a track called “The Underwear Goes Inside the Pants” by someone called Lazyboy.

Simlpe, funny, effective, poignant. I’d buy the album.

We’ve Come For You All

Friday 1349hrs

I’ve just been listening to We’ve Come For You All, the latest album from the heavy metal group Anthrax.
These guys have been going for about 20 years now, which is longer than some current ‘Metal’ bands have been alive for. If you like metal (Because if you don’t, the following is not recommended) and you listen to tracks from throughout their history it’s amazing to hear them literally growing up and becoming more and more professional with each release. Their latest album got me going again for some reason and brought a smile to my face. Charlie Benante is on top form, I can’t comment about the lyrics as lyrics never register with me, but the drumming on this one is classic.


musicplasma : the music visual search engine

Check it out now. Absolutely awesome for people like me who live in a bubble and find it hard to find new music due to the lack of a TV or radio.

Though I’m not convinced it’s not really due to the lack of decent current bands…

Virtually Vocal

Thursday 1430hrs

Anyone remember by 2 seconds of fame in the national press last week at the hands of Digital Music Maker magazine? Well, an article in there focussed on a new tachnology used for dynamically creating vocals. It’s not an autotuner. It’s not a sampler. It’s a 100% purely synthetic vocalist and by the sounds of it, it has a better set of lungs on it than the entire UK top 40. Not that that’s saying much…

Check out the Vocaloid. It’s kinda creepy.

Trigger Happy

Thursday 1031hrs

Today, I have been mostly listening to Tom Paxton – Johnny Got a Gun. It’s not the best song in the world, it’s got no drums for starters which is never a good thing. It does, however, have a message. One that I like lots.

I was moved to post this as my GF was looking at a website regarding “Killing Kids for Votes” and a shift in some US policy that allows 14 year olds to receive the death penalty. She told me, I said “So?” and she looked horrified. A 14 year old murderer is no different to a 30 year old one, except they’re more likely to do it in a tantrum or “paddy” if you will. My girlfriend then argued there’s still time to reform them, to which I replied that there’s no reforming for the dead guy.
There is no justice for the innocent dead, or their families, for that matter.

This Week’s CD

Tuesday 1243hrs

This week, I have been mostly listening to: Harvey Mandel: Baby Batter, a classic 70’s funk sound with some really instrumental percussion.


If you’re determined, give it a listen 😉