We’ve Come For You All

Friday, June 4th, 2004 at 1349

I’ve just been listening to We’ve Come For You All, the latest album from the heavy metal group Anthrax.
These guys have been going for about 20 years now, which is longer than some current ‘Metal’ bands have been alive for. If you like metal (Because if you don’t, the following is not recommended) and you listen to tracks from throughout their history it’s amazing to hear them literally growing up and becoming more and more professional with each release. Their latest album got me going again for some reason and brought a smile to my face. Charlie Benante is on top form, I can’t comment about the lyrics as lyrics never register with me, but the drumming on this one is classic.


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  1. Swt GA HunnyB Said this on

    Kewl! That was off the hook! :)

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