As some of you may know, I’ve been building a site for a good friend of mine for a while now, and the performance of it has been a bit of a mixed bag. It’s for a business in China that produces woven labels, clothing accessories and the like, damn good ones too, for all the big fashion names that I’m not prone to wearing :) On the one hand it’s a young site, so performance against established competitors wasn’t expected to be as good as it has been, but on the other hand it’s really frustrating to see it trapped in 11th place for “Woven Labels“, one of the key search terms they’re rooting for. Human attention spans are so short that apparently the majority of search traffic goes on the first place term, relevant or not, with an exponential decay from there on out. If you’re on page two, for the majority of the populous, your site may as well not exist. Want to sell woven labels, buttons, zippers, cardboard swing tag oojits and other such paraphernalia and you better hope you can haul ass onto page one. I’ll be watching you, Google, to see if your creepy Theia-esque arachnid pays attention here.

We shall see.

Bit of a cheeky SEO punt here, but Typo3 has released a major update for its Open Source Content Management System, version 4.4. Featuring an overhauled backend, improved introduction package and install, as well as a new framework for extension authoring, it’s a pretty big update. One of the best Open Source Content Management Systems out there, providing you can scale the near-vertical learning curve 😉 (Something the new starter package is design to assist you with!)

Gone in 720 Seconds

Friday 1016hrs

This very-much-expected UK ID Card Failure needs no real comment, beyond the somewhat smug “I’m surprised it took them that long…”

In your silly shod faces.

Wednesday 2314hrs

I look forward to even more evidence emerging that I am not, contrary to popular shoe-fetishist belief, insane.

True I need foot-covers during the winter, and when there’s an abundance of TWO INCH LONG ants kicking around the place, but fortunately for my poor feet it’s summer and I’m back in Blighty.

Ahhh, sweet relief.

..because you’ll know you should be buying a new PC.

False Flags Not Guaranteed!

Tuesday 1739hrs

I bring you from the BBC, the following gem regarding the McCain-Obama race:

Analysts are straining to come up with ways McCain could reverse the flow of the election at this late date. The truth is, such a task is out of his hands.

A major terrorist strike or an international crisis might give McCain the opportunity to demonstrate his commander-in-chief credentials, though there are no guarantees this would work.

“No guarantee this work work” ? Am I alone in thinking that this makes it sound like a method that people would actively consider viable? In this day and age, surely not?

Original link here: BBC suggests terrorist attack might boost McCain’s popularity

That’s mankind, generally at least.
Fortunately there are a few people who buck the trend and do things like this: Hubble Deep Field Image

If you feel nothing when you watch this, then, well, I’ve got no words for you that’ll make a damn bit of difference.

The Man in the White Suit

Friday 1304hrs

So, how long until Enron have these guys shot?