False Flags Not Guaranteed!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 1739

I bring you from the BBC, the following gem regarding the McCain-Obama race:

Analysts are straining to come up with ways McCain could reverse the flow of the election at this late date. The truth is, such a task is out of his hands.

A major terrorist strike or an international crisis might give McCain the opportunity to demonstrate his commander-in-chief credentials, though there are no guarantees this would work.

“No guarantee this work work” ? Am I alone in thinking that this makes it sound like a method that people would actively consider viable? In this day and age, surely not?

Original link here: BBC suggests terrorist attack might boost McCain’s popularity

One Comment for “False Flags Not Guaranteed!”

  1. Mark Said this on

    No, you’re not alone. Seems like someone forgot to engage brain. One wonders whether anyone reads these articles before they’re thrown up all over the web.

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