Legal Smeagol

Thursday 0028hrs

Injustice is rife in the world.

During our (Nicole and myself) time with the gracious Immigration Department, it looked at one point as if we would have to hire an immigration lawyer to act on our behalf in an appeal case.

We were refused legal aid.

I bank, at the end of a month, 100 times less than this shitcan makes in a week. Disgusting.

ID Cards are bad, MKay?

Wednesday 1327hrs

Say No to ID Cards, please, before it’s too late.

Don’t bother coming back at me with “If you don’t do anything wrong you have nothing to hide” or “It’ll help reduce crime” etc. Look hard at yourself if you’re thinking that and you’ll swiftly realise it’s propagandist nonsense. The Nazi’s of WW2 gave people papers. They set fire to anyone who’s paper said “Jewish”, so don’t tell me that everyone having an ID will somehow make the place safer and more just. It will simply sacrifice more freedoms to the God of Government in the name of “Security”, allowing them to shut-down and discriminate against anyone they please. Super systems are great if you can trust the controlling entity with your life (Because lets face it, that’s what is at stake here) but the truth is, you can’t. You cannot, absolutely CAN NOT turn over control of your identity to a faceless and heartless organisation. That’s like asking a random guy in the street to hold a loaded gun to your head before hurling obscenities at him.

What, exactly, are people thinking when they decide to place such power in the hands of an electorate that wasn’t even democratically elected? Are they thinking at all? Gnah.

— This is in the RANTS category, and as such may not be correct in any way —

Cod Liver Oil Conspiracy

Monday 1309hrs

Yesterday I purchased a bottle of Sainsbury’s own brand cod liver oil. My lasting memory of the stuff from my childhood was a viscous yellowish oil that not only tasted outrageously fishy, but also coated your tongue and lips for hours and repeated on you for the rest of the day. (For the less eloquent of you out there, ‘Repeating on you’ is a posh and wordy way to say ‘Makes your burps stink’)
Anyway, the point is that this Sainsbury’s stuff (£1.29 for a large bottle compared to £4.59 for some stuff by Seven Seas) isn’t really that bad. Upon taking it it wasn’t *too* bad plus I’ve tried belching and it’s not particularly fishy. Either there have been advances in fish-oil refinery over the last 10-12 years or adults are not nearly as sensitive to the stuff as children are. I need to find a willing 12 year old kid and find out if fishoil tastes worse to kids.

Oh, about the conspiracy…

Fish oil is good for you. Really good. In fact so long as what you’re taking isn’t laced with vitamin A (Which is toxic in large quantities if I remember correctly…) you should have lots of it. Fish oil contains Omega3 things that not only make your coat shiney and healthy, but keep your teeth strong and reduce the number of trips to the vet you’ll have to take.
Now, you’ll most likely have seen the cod liver oil capsules on sale. They promise “1 a day” and that they don’t taste bad, have clove oil and all sorts in to stop the repeating (belching) thing. However… They only contain 500mg of the fishy goodness you’re taking them for, along with a 100% RDA dose of vitamin A. Please, compare this to the 4600mg of fishy goodness contained in a single teaspoon of neat cod liver oil. Then factor in that you usually get around 60 capsules for a fiver and there are 60 5ml servings in a £1.29 bottle of cod liver oil from Sainsburys. This means you’re paying 0.4p per gram of fish oil if you drink the stuff, but 16.6p per gram if you take it in capsule form.

Not only that, but to get from capsules what you’d get from the neat stuff would mean taking nearly 9 capsules a day which, if they’ve got vitamin supplements in, could be potentially dangerous not just to your health but to your wallet as well.

All numbers are approximate. I’m not a doctor. I don’t work for Sainsburys and I haven’t been paid to undermine the fishoil capsule industry.

I will report in a month about whether the numerous aches and ills that I currently indure have improved any.

Walking through the market the other day I espied a couple of traffic wardens fishing around one of the gardening stalls. Turns out they weren’t buying, they were sticking a ticket on a tray of illegally parked begonias.

Should have seen them trying to get the clamp on the sweet peas.

Small adage of minor woe

Tuesday 2313hrs

What follows, might be an account of a man who had nothing to do with a horse. See, he mistook his phone receiver for a chicken. Dismayed by its constant crowing and lack of eggy produce, he tired fast. Damn you, the man postulated, all day you sit on that boat shaped egg and you don’t move, you don’t move! I’ll take you in the night, slayed the poor beast he did and fried it. After plucking from it its one wirey feather into the pan! Melt.

Odd, thought the man, that the chicken should have melted. He picked up his phone and tried to dial for the place was alight and wilting fast. Quite a shock, that.

Well, now I know what the Americans felt like when Bush was re-elected, only we look even more stupid because this will be Mr Blair’s *third* shot at us.
More xenophobia, more taxes, more reduction of liberties in the name of “Security” against terrorists who don’t exist. It’s a wonderful world…
Of course I’m not saying anyone else would have done a better job, but come on, it would have been nice to give them a shot instead of lumping for the guys you *know* are going to make more mess.

Sprung Clean

Monday 1110hrs

Right. I’ve re-formatted my PC and it’s all empty. Alllll empty.
Like the Queen song, all dead, all dead, that’s where most of my settings are.


First port of call, fixing uploads. Then, on to the beyond!