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Wednesday 0052hrs

Take a moment to go and read this…aplus » moments
A very well presented, informative and downright useful web-log website. Hats off to the owner Aleksandar Vacic. Just what is it with these Eastern Europeans? :)

Biometric Handbags at Dawn

Tuesday 1602hrs

Quick one from the BBC here, with a fingerprint reader added to a handbag.

Surely any street thief will see to defeat this doesn’t require a Charlie’s Angels level of complexity? Perhaps it can also only be compromised with a biometric Stanley knife or DNA sensitive scissors?

I’m being too cynical for my own good.

There have been a few kidnappings of late in Iraq. A few days ago some Japanese were taken hostage and demands were made, to which the Japanese government (As far as I understand) responded rather dispassionately. Disgruntled, the captors released their victims. I can only imagine what they were thinking…
“You know, we need to capture some nationals from a caring country, a country whose government will respond to our demands out of desperate concern for the wellbeing of their citizens…”

Ladies and Gentlement, I give to you:

Russian Hostages Siezed in Iraq

Way to go guys… 😉

Visible Stupidity

Thursday 1305hrs

The lengths people go to to “personalise” themselves is approaching ever more ridiculous heights it seems. Browsing the BBC, as I do, I came across this article on eye jewellery.
Can anyone tell me what on earth these people are thinking? I can imagine coming across someone with one, and offering to help them get the swarf out of their eye…

What next? Fashionable amputations?

Leeds Photographic Society?

Wednesday 1112hrs

Just thought I’d share with you the results of Leeds University’s centenery photographic competition. In the interests of fair play it looks like they barred arts and photographics students from entering, narrowing the field to those more familiar with academic subjects, like myself.
It’s a shame nothing like this ever ran at Loughborough uni, if it had perhaps I wouldn’t be seen resorting to desperate fund raising tactics.

The BBC once again provide the source of this morning’s rage with THIS article and no, the BBC isn’t the party at fault here (Just in case you were wondering…)

The story relates to a Dr Terence Hope, at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, UK. He earns in the region of £80k per annum working as a neuro surgeon, a very complex, demanding and difficult job. The work they do is often life saving, my own mum was brought back from the brink after a double brain aneurism a few years ago by a specialist brain surgeon, so my respect goes out to these people. Great dollops of respect.
So it is, with horror, I see that Dr Hope has been suspended from work for almost a week now, for helping himself to an extra portion of croutons that he failed to pay for.

Ok, a weeks worth of this gents time is roughly worth £1,500 assuming that he works 52 weeks a year. The croutons, even if they were bought from Harrods or hand crafted by Henri Charpentier himself , would not be worth more than a couple of quid.

This means, as Dr Hope is out on full pay, that over a matter of some 20p croutons the hospital is so far down around £1499.80
Way to go guys!
Not to mention the fact that whilst he’s suspended, brain-trauma waiting lists start to mount up and emergency cases are going to come through that will have to wait even though they can’t. Bearing in mind my beloved mum (Left. No, neither of those in the photo are me, I was holding the camera.) may have been forced into an early departure if her emergency surgeon had been on suspension for nicking a packet of crisps, things like this rile me up.

They should dock his pay for the 20p and suspend the little Hitler in the canteen, for putting peoples’ lives at risk. Bureaucracy. GAH!


Thursday 1915hrs

I don’t know about you, but I personally find bloody silly idiots like these quite offensive, but I’m not going to get anywhere in a legal case.

Justice is such an illusion.