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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 at 1851

Please note: The numbers from this post are now out of date and no long work / dial other businesses. They have thus been removed.

For all you poor, poor people who have had the misfortune of dealing with Ebuyer, you’ll probably know that they don’t advertise a phone number. I hate cowards.

Anyhow an anonymous contact of mine did some digging and because under UK law a Ltd. company cannot hide its contact details completely, they met with success.

For your viewing pleasure here are some details that anyone else having difficulty with this company might be able to put to good use!

EBuyer UK Tel ***********
( Thats the regional number for ************ afaik )

Ebuyer (UK) Ltd
201 Woodbourne Road, Centurion Business Park, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 3LR
Tel: ************
Fax: Not Available
email: webmaster@ebuyer.com

Contact: Mr Mike Naylor , Managing Director
fax: ************

Finally there is ************ obtained from the whois on ebuyer.com

Hope this is of use to someone, I’ve not tried any of the numbers yet so I don’t know quite where they go. I’ll be giving them a call in the morning.

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  1. Pat Jenkins Said this on

    Thanks mate, will be giving them shit in the morning !!!

  2. Karen Said this on

    Thanks for the number. Phoned and picked up after third ring. C Meek was so helpful, he ran down to the warehouse found the package and said he’d replace the MP3 player straight away.

    They couldn’t have been more helpful.

    And thanks for your help with the number as I couldn’t find it anywhere on the net.

  3. Dave Said this on

    Just taken a delivery of dvd rw drive with no data or disc supplied. thanks for tel no. I shall get onto them now!!!!!

  4. Alex Said this on

    To phone ebuyer, call 0870 467 5030, dial extension 4743, this will get you through to security, and they will transfer you to whoever you want, normally a customer service supervisor

  5. Bryony Said this on

    Top tip for the security number – got straight through there & was then put through to customer services. Been trying & failing to get through for 5 days!!

  6. Dom Leech Said this on

    Is HATE to strong a word!!??!! And no i dont mean Micosoft..I wonder is Ebuyer owned by Microsoft..hmm food for thought.BTW thanks for all the information nice one denyerec..

    P.S. Thanks Alex the security blag’ll get em in the end..


  7. George Said this on

    Cheers for the help!

    was very useful. spoke to STEVE in security he’s getting someone to phone me back. If they try to say that they’re not allowed to transfer you – a good blag is: “well I’m gonna call YOU every 5 minutes till someone calls me”. :-)

    thanks denyerec and nice site!

  8. chris cutting Said this on

    thanks for the number! – have actually got to speak to somebody to sort why my goods haven’t been shipped
    many thanks

  9. Dan Said this on

    Cheers for the telephone number.

    Once secuirty transfered me I was waiting on hold for 5mins. Although it was worth every second when a friendly guy sorted out my delivery and got it shipped for next day delivery. Oh and he scrapped my delivery charge!

    Ebuyer are a good company, although you do get what you pay for!

    Thanks again,


  10. Alan Said this on

    Thanks for all the info given here. One number told me it wasn’t for incoming calls and transferred me to customer services line and I got sorted after about 15minutes waiting.
    Couldn’t even get in the qu with the official number. Just told me calls would be recorded and disconnected!!! Very Useful that.

  11. Mike Said this on

    Good find mate, the first number there, 01142 016965 , got me a ‘not for incoming calls’ response just as Alan above had, but then just like him, I was transferred to customer services and able to find where my missing £1000 worth of items were!

    If we ever meet, I owe you a pint.

  12. Ian Said this on

    I phoned 01142 016965 and got an answer after 12 mins. Item showing out of stock on their warehouse list. I asked for a refund. I have been waiting for this item for nearly a month. Glad it’s sorted but I will not be using ebuyer ever again.
    Thanks for the number

  13. Ken Said this on

    I cannot type what I feel as the pure amount of swearing would be too obscene for minors to read.

    I have been waiting for my CPU + mobo sine 5/8/05, first they ran out of xp3000’s so they asked for more money to replace it with a skt A sempron, they had 72 in stock (so it was a fair bet I’d get one).. Guess what, even though they promised delivery by 1/9/05..It never turned up..Got Mobo, in box with bent pins ?! WTF..

    Watchdog maybe an idea…

  14. Dan Said this on

    Well I must admit usually ebuyer are ok… never excellent but ok, however last week I ordered a item which I really need for my camera.. I fly out tuesday next week… so as I was kinda in a rush I paid the extra for next day…. low and behold the items still not come in… website just says pick in progress, I’ve even seen the money come out of my account…. now they used to be reasonable with the enotes thing but theres a rubbish note saying that they try to get back to you within 7 days… thats rubbish I fly out in that time now… Why did I ever bother using ebuyer!!!!!!!!!
    By the way guys thanks for all the numbers I’m trying the one 016965 number as the recent 0870 with the xt didn’t work…
    blimey 9 mins and i’m through!!!! thanks every1

  15. Tabitha Said this on

    Thank you for the 01142 016965 number. I was through after 15 min. I ordered 2 20gb ipods on 25th August for £355.65, due for delivery on 1st September. They never turned up so I started searching for contact details. I found this site, phoned the number straight away. The guy I got through to (who sounded very harassed) said that the ipods were showing as ‘out of stock’ (to tell the truth I don’t think they ever had them in stock!) so I asked to cancel my order and he said I should get my refund in 3-5 working days. I’ll be watching my account very carefully and updating everyone here if (when?) I receive it…

  16. Dan Said this on

    well a continuation from my previous post. ALthough I got through and The guy I spoke to was also mega harrassed I had thought I had a result.. he apologised for the computer system failing to manage my order [no way of alerting anyone in such situations, so it would have just sat there!] he then changed it to reflect next day delivery and away we went, I checked the order page and sure enough looked like it was working…..
    Just checked as I hadn’t had a confirmation email to say it had been dispatched which I usually get and low and behold its gone back to pick in progress… WHY didn’t I just cancel it… its wednesday tmw and I have aweek before I fly damn it.. damn ebuyer…..
    I promise never again…..
    these guys really are a complete shower of sh**!
    Well i’m going to ring them from the moment it turns 09:00 in the morning…

    sorry every1 i’m just having a real rant.

  17. eShock Said this on

    Thanks for the contact info. We placed a large order on Monday (it’s Thursday now) with eBuyer with next day delivery and the order is mostly showing ‘Not Allocated’. One item did ship from ‘Warehouse 2′ – a 10 pack of floppy disks costing £1.75+VAT. While I appreciate this is better than nothing at all, they sent it next-day delivery at £12.99+VAT. I sure hope they don’t plan to charge me twice for next-day delivery. All items were in stock when we placed the order and they are still in stock now. We will never use eBuyer again unless they make some big changes.

    It’s a shame as we like the eBuyer web site, range of products, and prices, but this is a nightmare…

  18. Ian Said this on

    Re 5th sept
    I received a refund for faulty goods but minus the p&p. After another 12 minute call I will be getting the full refund. Thanks for the phone number.

  19. Gareth Jones Said this on

    Thank you ever so much for your help with this disgusting company. After waiting 2 weeks, and viewing ‘pick in process’ on my order for 2 1/2 weeks I thought I better try and contact ebuyer to see what is happening with my order! The phone no. given on thier web site for customer service was a voice recording that then automatically gets disconnected. I was fighting a hopeless cause.

    However thanks to this site I rang 0870 467 5030, dial extension 4743, got through to security, and they will transfer you to whoever you want, normally a customer service supervisor.

    5 mins on hold finally spoke to a cow off a customer service rep, and should get next day delivery…….3 weeks late and they wouldn’t even re inburse my delivery charge….we shall see if it gets delivered!!!


  20. Mike Evans Said this on

    What a shower !
    goods ordered for “Priority” delivery on Saturday 10th September.
    now Monday 12th and no sign of goods.
    and no way of getting in contact with ebuyer.
    published number doesn’t work.
    number given here (0114 201 6965) just sits in the queue for hours.
    nobody ever answers.
    wow, just got through.
    person on phone says I can have them next Saturday.
    big deal, I didn’t order them so that I could get them a week late !!
    have cancelled order with “Rif”.
    have been told that refunding my credit card can take 3-5 days !
    they seem much keener to take the money, than to return it.
    will watch my credit card account with interest until I see the refund.
    incidentally, if you have a similar problem I think you should be able to cancel the payment directly with your credit card company ?
    decent suppliers include Micro Direct, Komplett, Overclockers, Dabs
    take my advide, stick to these and avoid ebuyer

  21. Chris Said this on

    I’ve always avoided ebuyer and am so glad I did! I’d like to add Misco and Redstore to Mike’s list, and Bluepoint (Redstore’s sister company afaik) for trade.

  22. Ian Said this on

    I ordered an electric golf trolley which was defective. I followed their returns procedure and they confimred it was defective and a new one would be ordered and dispatched and showed delievry 31st August. I have been unable to get any update from the customer support line.

    I replied to their e mail asking for information and this was boucned by their system.

    I tried the phone line and could never get through.

    Thanks for the number 01142 016965. As you said it says it is not an incoming line but asks you to hold for a customer advisor. After 20 minutes I got through to an advisor. He established it will not be back in stock and he agreed to credit my card within 3 days. I will wait and see if it has been credited.

  23. warren Said this on

    ebuyer have stuffed up any further sales to myself. i ordered £500 worth of parts for a self buil p.c last friday and have not recieved a single item from them. over 40 calls to customer service number gets no response except for “lines are busy please try later”. rang one of the numbers above and got through to security, he told me to ring him in the morning and he will put me through to the correct person.
    my items are showing as allocated except for two sticks of memory which were out of stock when i ordered, but due in the next day. they now show in stock but have not been picked!!!!
    i had ordered a few bits from a new company i found called web-systems (i think they are new anyway). their items came within 48hrs, how i wish i had got the rest of my stuff from them!!

  24. Yorkie Said this on

    If anyone has waited longer than me (still waiting though) can they post here. Perhaps ebuyer might like to donate a prize to the poor sod who has waited longest?????????????????????????????????????

    Try this for customer service (cut & paste from their website):
    Subject is two missing hard drives.

    26/07/2005 15:08 Not recieved in any of three consignments.

    Not able to pick up my e-mail (Blocked by work and am in Shetland Islands).

    Please E-note.

    08/08/2005 14:32 Thank you for your contact with eBuyer. We can see that your eNote was sent due to one of your orders being delayed. This was due to an upturn in orders and also to a recent relocation. We are now confident that you have received your order and would ask that you please close the corresponding eNote if your query has been resolved, otherwise it will be closed automatically after 24 hours.

    We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    10/08/2005 05:02 eNote closed automatically due to inactivity.

    24/08/2005 15:40 ???
    My order was not delayed. I have two items missing.
    The missing items were not mentioned on any paperwork.

    Also the “number of boxes” totals ten but actually arrived in five with the two items missing.

    Please help. I have been without a hard drive for over a month now. Have you seen where I live on a map?

    24/08/2005 15:52 Dear * ******,

    Thank you for your contact with our Customer Support Team.

    I am sorry for the delay.

    Could you please advise me of all the items you are missing from this order and I will investigate into this for you.

    Again my sincere apologies for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

    Kind Regards
    Ebuyer Customer Support Team

    25/08/2005 10:22 Thanks for replying so quickly. My two missing items are:

    1 x Western Digital WD2000BB 200GB UIDE 100 7200rpm – OEM 40467 Invoiced £54.06

    1 x Maxtor 6Y080M0 Plus 9 80Gb Serial ATA 7200rpm – OEM 48520 Invoiced £32.99 £32.99

    Neither of them are mentioned on any enclosed paperwork.

    25/08/2005 10:22 Thanks for replying so quickly. My two missing items are:

    1 x Western Digital WD2000BB 200GB UIDE 100 7200rpm – OEM 40467 Invoiced £54.06

    1 x Maxtor 6Y080M0 Plus 9 80Gb Serial ATA 7200rpm – OEM 48520 Invoiced £32.99 £32.99

    Neither of them are mentioned on any enclosed paperwork.

    25/08/2005 13:05 Dear * ******,

    Thank you for your response.

    I am sorry you are missing items from your order.

    I have now contacted the resolving team.

    You should have a response from them within 48 working hours.

    My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

    Kind Regards
    Ebuyer Customer Support Team

    08/09/2005 11:32 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    09/09/2005 14:22 ?

    12/09/2005 16:36 ?

    14/09/2005 10:09 1 x Western Digital WD2000BB 200GB UIDE 100 7200rpm – OEM 40467 Invoiced #54.06

    1 x Maxtor 6Y080M0 Plus 9 80Gb Serial ATA 7200rpm – OEM 48520 Invoiced #32.99 #32.99

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Thank you for informing us of your missing item. When we are believed to have short shipped an item, we carry out a series of checks to make sure that the item has not been dispatched.

    Our first check is to recreate the order in our warehouse, and match that weight against the weight of your order when it was shipped. We have carried out this check, and the weights show we have shipped the item. This means we have to further investigate the missing item, by checking the parcel with Citylink, our couriers, and possibly reporting to the relevant authorities should something seem suspect.

    We will let you know the outcome of our findings when the investigation has been concluded within a few days.

    Thank you for your patience and co-operation in this matter.

    Ebuyer Customer Support

  25. warren Said this on

    hi yorkie,
    im sitting here on the phone to customer support, about three hours after my first call!
    i have tried to bribe the security guard to put me through to someone who cares.
    he says he can’t find anyone.
    i can tell you this for nothing, i will leave negative feedback on every site and forum i go on. they do not deserve another customer to go to them.

  26. Darren Said this on

    Another victim of EBuyer!! I order something about 2 weeks ago and nothing, managed to take my money and now picking in progress!! Been on the phone to them, just ring, for about 14 mins before being cut off, well HACKED OFF!!

    Trying AGAIN!! Watchdog here we come, they are a nightmare!! Anyone got any other good number for this COWBOY outfit??



  27. Dave Said this on

    thanks for the 01142…. number

    The number they currently have advertised on thier website: 0845 146 1720 kept telling me the lines were busy and then hung up on me.

    A quick google later I found this great site and called the 01142 016965 number was left on hold for about 18 minutes before finally getting through – so even though I was on hold for a little while – at least I was able to get hold of them.

    Thanks for the number


    PS: Ebuyer are not total crap their just a long way from been good.

  28. Bob Said this on

    I have been buying stuff from eBuyer for 2 to 3 yeares now with generally good service. Order for £116.65 inc express delivery last week had similar problems with “pick in progress” stuck on my account / order and no good in spite of paying for fast delivery!! Tried phoning 0845146 1720 this morning about 6 times , warned me about “recording/lines busy/try later” / disconnected :-( . Found this site, Tried 01142 016965 several times, no dial time then NU, checked for same items from Dabs – price £132.50 for equiv items and std delivery.
    Was about to order from Dabs when the eBuyer 0845146 1720 line answered, waited in queue for about 15 minutes, then spoke to rather harrassed “Yele” who said that 2 items were out of stock, agreed to delete these, fast-ship the rest and refund the delivery charge. Hope they keep their promise?
    I guess they have some bad logistics and/or computer system problems and their customer service is in major overload.

  29. jez griffiths Said this on

    Most of the Ebuyer numbers change from time to time, for a variety of reasons.

    Ebuyers current customer support uk phone number is 0845 146 1720.

    Denyerec: This information has not been confirmed and may be bogus.

  30. Matt Said this on

    Hello im another one of the people who is having BIG trouble with ebuyer.

    Checked my bank account the other day and oh whoopie! £506 was debited from my account via Ebuyer…then another 90 odd a few days later.Well i wouldnt mind if it was me who was getting the goods but i had no idea.Checked my account incase it was hacked and nope no orders were placed with anywhere near that amount.

    Called ebuyer(big mistake!) 4hours on hold oh and then a dead line.check their webby for longest wait times of the day…who else has noticed this change over the weekend when their lines arent open?

    Its only thanks to this site i ever spoke to someone at ebuyer.Called all the numbers stated and im afraid i had ZERO luck :( Then started calling games.Found alot of Fax machines then found a guy picking up the phone number 0870 467 5070 (i think it was that i know it ended in 70).Got him to put me through to accounts coz he was in sales.

    Well good old ebuyer wouldnt give me any information on the incident!

    Its my account and my money but im not allowed to know.Well im in contact with the police now and im going to go to the trading standards.(yet more running around)

    Just thought id tell you my story.Btw i wont get any of my money back until police and bank have done an investigation(6months then!).

    Ill come back and tell you guys what went on in the end.If i ever see my money again.


  31. Ronnie Said this on

    “jez griffiths Said this on September 19th, 2005 at 1240
    Most of the Ebuyer numbers change from time to time, for a variety of reasons.

    Ebuyers current customer support uk phone number is 0845 146 1720.”

    Are you stupid or do you have some kind of ebuyer allegiance, that number as has been stated numerous times above is a bogus number.

    And wtf are you on about “Most of the Ebuyer numbers change from time to time, for a variety of reasons” ??? What company changes most of their numbers from ‘time to time’ apart from a cowboy company.

    BTW ebuyer deleted my awaiting returns authorisation, like it never existed, like I never really asked for one within 7 days of receiving my goods. eNote is bs, been 11 days without a reply so far.

    Thanks for the phone number info, I will be trying these numbers later, and like most posters above, will not go near this bunch of immoral cowboys again.

  32. Jan Said this on

    I have been trying on and off all morning with no success to get the VAT number for Ebuyer. We purchased a copier a week or so ago and the confirmation of order quotes VAT, but nowhere is there any indication of a VAT number. We can’t claim the VAT back unless this number is forthcoming.

    Can anyone help?? Thanks

  33. Glenn Said this on

    Their VAT number is 836 5923 00. It’s on the invoice which can be found if you log into your account.

    We placed 33 orders with them since Feb and only had a couple of hiccups. I’m trying to chase one up right now. I have an enote that is over 2 weeks old without a response and given up trying that 0870 number listed on their contact page. I’ve spoken to security once and been put throught to customer services but got cut off. I’m trying security again for the 6th time but they keep hanging up. Still it’s a response which is better than nothing and I know I’m irritating the shit out of someone which provides some small satisfaction!.

    There’s got to be something very very wrong at this company.

  34. Jan Gajda Said this on

    Ordered a laptop and several other items, including a laptop case. On the day they were supposed to be delivered only the case arrived. So went online to check the account – bizarrely there is a whole new address in there with my name, plus an additional £600 worth of goods ordered. The original order is down as being delivered. So… what the hell has happened?! Ebuyer aren’t responding to any numbers all week, and still no sign of my goods. I can only think that trading standards are the only place i can turn to now… any suggestions??

  35. Helen Said this on

    I tried 0870 467 5030 but ext 2000 doesn’t exist anymore. I kept trying numbers until I got to the 4711 range :-)
    4711 – Dave Hacton? – didn’t answer and went back to the queue.
    4712 is Armando Sanchez’s number!! (Company Director) but this didn’t answer and went back to the queue.
    4713 answered by a woman called Jill who passed me on to a colleague who took my rma request details and promised that someone would get back to me today….

    Wonder if it’s worth keeping trying 4714 upwards :-)

    Couldn’t believe I hit one of the Directors’ phone numbers within a few tries … hmmmm!!!


  36. Helen Said this on

    Result… just got a callback and because the item is low value (£4.50) they’re going to ship another one out today without needing a return… so using the backdoor method seems to work!



  37. the booski Said this on

    well tried a lot of the numbers and still had no sucess so i have another one for you.

    just for a laugh I tried guessing ext numbers on the switchboard at
    0870 467 5030

    use ext 4840 and it will take you to a little grease monkey called MATT
    who will cry something like NOT AGAIN!! and put you through to someone to save his own SKIN 😀

    no go forth and pester him

  38. Stig Said this on

    Used the security access method…. quality! They put me straight through.

    Cheers for the numbers matey.


  39. Alex Said this on

    Ebuyer are awful. I have a faulty computer and they take no responsibility and refer me to the manufacturer. They claim to be a reseller, not a retailer, and therefore above all laws related to selling goods. I have spoken to Department of Trade and Industry and they confirm that ebuyer are breaking the law. Through research I have discovered that there are many who dislike ebuyer, and I feel that the authorities (DTI and Trading Standards) should launch a complete investigation into them.

  40. Keith Said this on

    Ebuyer A crap i have tried all your numbers on here i just keep getting disconnected

  41. Keith Said this on

    finally after trying random ext numbers i got through to helen she took my details and said some one will call me back… just waiting now

  42. Jonathan Hunt Said this on

    Ebuyer are moving to my home town (Howden E.Yorks) so now I can implant my faulty goods into someone personally. :-)

  43. Armando Sanchez Said this on

    I was working on the internet, when I came across this discussion forum. I noticed that it only has negative reviews. I would first like to apologize for any inconvience that Ebuyer has caused you. I personally been aware of the issues that Ebuyer has had in the returns department and customer service. However, we have strived for great improvements in both departments. Firstly Returns are now processing RMA’s on a same day basis. Secondly, our customer service has our phones running efficiently. The longest a customer will waits at a peak time is 2-3 minutes. As well as our Enotes, will go no longer than 2 days of being responded to. I know its not perfect, but we have made great improvements from last year. I am personally thrilled to inform our customers that Ebuyer is working out of a state of an art 280,000 sq. ft. facility. It is totally automated and wireless. Our pickers will retrieve product from Voice to Command head sets, to minimize errors. Other features are Pick to Light systems for correct quantities of items. as a last measurement for accuracy,all orders will be scanned and Weighted through our scales that insures each order is correct by bar codes and total weight. Again on behalf of Ebuyer I would like to apologize. If you have any further questions please ring our customer service department at 08451461720. For emergency situations you can directly contact me at my office phone at 08704675090.

                                                    Armando Sanchez 
                                                    Ebuyer Operations Director
  44. Paul Ward Said this on

    I myself used to have problems with ebuyer, I own a small store in goole, a few miles from ebuyers new premises. A couple of weeks ago one of there directors came in and asked why we was not buying from them. I told him about all the problems we have had in the past and he explained about all there new managment team. He invited us to tour there new facilities and having working in warehousing in the past was very supprised at the amount of investment they have put in to the place trying to improve the way everything is run. I saw the call centre room with around 100 staff on the phone and details of longest wait time ont the wall, out of 700 calls that longest wait that day was 1 min 55 seconds which i was impressed with as a year or two ago you could be waiting an hour! Things really do look to have improved and ive placed a couple of orders since with no problems. I noticed on there website at the bottom if you click careers they are still recruiting with around 50 positions to fill this show how much there expanding and imvesting to better them selfs.

    Paul Ward
    The Comnputer Store
    82 Boothferry Road
    DN14 6AA
    01405 720099

  45. pastamasta Said this on

    Interestingly, I’ve just tried contacting the 0845 number left by Mr. Sanchez (two posts above) and the line goes dead every time. I finally got through – after an hour – using the number gleaned from WHOIS for ebuyer.com, as listed in your original post. Unfortunately my order was sent via First Class, rather than the usual courier or even recorded delivery, so there’s no way to track it. Apparently I have to wait 15 days before I can make a “lost order” claim. But hey, thanks to you, at least I now know how to get hold of eBuyer when I call them to explain why I won’t be buying from them again!

  46. ricky c Said this on

    I had a problem with the USB on my motherboard and tried contacting customer support, but it was busy. I then contacted the 0870 number Mr Sanchez gave and I spoke directly to him. He managed to sort my problem out quickly and got a customer service representative to go to his office to speak to me. He then sorted my problem out and even allowed me to have a USB card instead of sending the whole motherboard back (which would have been a big annoyance). Because of this positive experience I will defiantly buy from ebuyer again.

  47. Wilty Said this on

    I’ve been chasing eBuyer for the past couple of days. They’ve sent out the wrong laptop… Twice… I’m pulling my hair out…

    I was stuggling to get hold of anyone @ eBuyer. The phones just ring… and ring… and ring…and ring……. Account Manager? What Account Manager? Voicemail would be a sound investment!

    Gave Armando Sanchez a call (08704675090) and he answered (on the first ring) and got me through to the B2B customer services manager.

    I’m hoping she can get me my laptop.

  48. PandaPink Said this on

    I just wanted to say i ahve been using Ebuyer for many years and yers they did have a few problems but now everything is allways perfect.
    Just wish they did not use city link as they can’t find my hsoue!!!!!
    Will use ebuyer for evr and keep recomending them.

  49. private schools database in America Said this on

    Ebuyer are awful. I have a faulty computer and they take no responsibility and refer me to the manufacturer. They claim to be a reseller, not a retailer, and therefore above all laws related to selling goods. I have spoken to Department of Trade and Industry and they confirm that ebuyer are breaking the law. Through research I have discovered that there are many who dislike ebuyer, and I feel that the authorities (DTI and Trading Standards) should launch a complete investigation into them.

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