Thursday 2213hrs

Today I think my website suffered its first illegitimate comment attack, just the one comment from a chap calling himself ‘Jude’ and prepresenting some insurance company. His comment was on the MS At The Wheel post, about MS using their OS to control drive-by-wire cars. It simply had a link to, I assume, his sponsor or company website, though he might have been making a funny by saying if you drive an MS controlled car, you need life insurance… (The angle I’d rather take!)
I’ve left the comment, but de-activated the link. Feel free to paste it in to your browsers and have a look though. Article here.

Back from the Beach

Tuesday 2335hrs

Well I promised more in 4 days time and this is about right, so here it is.
Had an excellent long weekend down near Wilson’s Prom, though sadly my photographic skills seemed to have been left in Melbourne. Surrounded by national park and tourists I think I managed 1 good shot out of a total of 60. Only 60 too… Much depression. I don’t know what it is but I seem to have lost my photographic mojo. One can only hope that I’ll rediscover it soon.

The next few days will be spent touring local spots near the house as we have no car, and then at the weekend I’ll be donning my Wedding Photographer Hat ™. Never done that kind of thing before, so it’ll either be a great success or a total, embarrasing and utterly unforgivable faliure. Ho hum…

I keep promising pictures, they WILL be coming shortly, just got to swap some RAM over here so I can get Photoshop to load my RAW files, then sit for a few hours while it opens them. Such is life.


Friday 2306hrs

Not a lot has happened since the Aussie ‘Open’, but we’re off today for a 4 day trip to the south coast, near a place called Wilson’s Prom, so it should be a good opportunity to regain my photographic morale and get some good shots. However, horror of horrors, I’m limited to only 120 photos. 120 ? Why you ask? Well with 1.5gb of portable storage, that’s all I can snap in RAW format on my S2. I might consider hacking back to JPEG for the less important stuff, I guess it depends how snap-happy I’m feeling.

80Gb hard-disk has been ressurected using an external enclosure (25 quid, GAH) and as of yet, no local installation of Photoshop so I can’t get snaps up online. They’re coming shortly I promise.

More in 4 days time!

Australian (not so) Open

Thursday 2223hrs

Yesterday (22nd?) we went to the Australian Open for a day of tennis-watching. Great I thought, I’ll pack my big lens and get some photos of the players! Hurrah! Sadly, not so. I managed to get a few shots but then facist bastards security haulled me out of one of the courts and told me that the lens I was using was too big. Considering I only had a wideangle on me as an alternative, this really shot my mood through the head. Not only that, but the fact that 1000001 people out there were using compact digicams with much greater effective focal lengths than my lens such as this, this and this. Bloody ignorant security monkies, they really don’t have a clue. I even saw oen guy using a digital camcorder that I *know* to have a 40x zoom on it. Complete idiots. Not only this, but when I got home and tried to connect up my 80gb HDD to the local home computer, it got totally fried and all the data on it was destroyed, leaving me with no movies here in Oz, and also no way of getting my data back home unless I’m incredibly lucky in the coming days. THANKYOU Australian Open Security for ruining my day, I hate you all.

I’ll be posting the few shots that I did get soon, keep watching this space. I might even print a few out and go throw them at the security guards from over the fence, just to spite the ignorant muppets.


Monday 1128hrs

Well it’s not actually… Only got an hour for changover this time and the airport is huge. No need to score free internet from late people this time either, as at Singapore they have stands that let you use it for free! Perish the thought of a UK establishment ever letting you do THAT. There’s also a small camera off to my left (A Benq 1300 for the geeks out there) but I’d rather not meddle with getting it working.
Only another 8 hours in the air (ONLY!) and we’re in Melbourne. HURRAH. It’s hot, humid and it was pissing down like an angry, mmm, thing outside. Ugh.

Terminally Bored

Sunday 2032hrs

We’re on our way to Oz! I am typing this using a public-proof steel keyboard standing in Terminl 4 of Heathrow Airport. Why? Becase we had 5 hours to wait for the plane after landing on a connection from Manchester. All is well so far, except or takeoff from manchester being delayed due to an electronic problem which stopped the plane from taxiing to the runway. The aeroplane was powered down to correct the fault. Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a Boeing 757-200? I just pray to the gods that they’re not using Windows 98… :-)

Also, this 10p per minute booth I’m using I scored for free, as someone had put in a few quid and then gone to catch their plane. Bonus!

I will conclude before geekiness overcomes. Heh, at least I’m not using WAP…

Don’t get me started.

Friday 1535hrs

Read the topic.
Then read this.

And again, don’t get me started.

2H, 2B, LSD

Thursday 1132hrs

I stumbled across this this morning, which I think is fairly compelling evidence that every artist since the turn of the century has been dropping copious amounts of lysergic acid diethylamide in an attempt to “stylise” their work. Take a look and see what you think.