Australian (not so) Open

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004 at 2223

Yesterday (22nd?) we went to the Australian Open for a day of tennis-watching. Great I thought, I’ll pack my big lens and get some photos of the players! Hurrah! Sadly, not so. I managed to get a few shots but then facist bastards security haulled me out of one of the courts and told me that the lens I was using was too big. Considering I only had a wideangle on me as an alternative, this really shot my mood through the head. Not only that, but the fact that 1000001 people out there were using compact digicams with much greater effective focal lengths than my lens such as this, this and this. Bloody ignorant security monkies, they really don’t have a clue. I even saw oen guy using a digital camcorder that I *know* to have a 40x zoom on it. Complete idiots. Not only this, but when I got home and tried to connect up my 80gb HDD to the local home computer, it got totally fried and all the data on it was destroyed, leaving me with no movies here in Oz, and also no way of getting my data back home unless I’m incredibly lucky in the coming days. THANKYOU Australian Open Security for ruining my day, I hate you all.

I’ll be posting the few shots that I did get soon, keep watching this space. I might even print a few out and go throw them at the security guards from over the fence, just to spite the ignorant muppets.

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  1. Auntie Jenny Said this on

    At least you got there , I have just got home from School work it out, enjoy the sunshine. and don’t get too pissed off, and on a serious note you are off my Xmas card list because you have not remembered my birthday on the 24th Ok

  2. BadGuy Said this on

    Ha autralian ‘open’ yeah it’s no good and yes security is ignorant: Bigger is worse… Man stupid lot

  3. majic Said this on

    oh oh den…I’m in trouble now aint I ?:/ I really cant express my sorrowness on the dead hdd ..that really really really sucks. What caused it??

    Well about the guys that didnt allow you to shoot …ignorant indeed. Thing is, you cant change it – ‘xcept take your S7000 with you next time hehe.

    Hope you got some nice things occuring to you as I speak, and that the HDD somehow fixes itself :(

    – maj

  4. Scumbag Said this on

    I could spare a fair amount of disk space on my 1 mb ntl line if its of any use, let me know :-)

    PS Cheer up, it could be snowing 😉

  5. Gareth 'Zoomer' Ablett Said this on

    damn security guards picking on any camera that looks pro.

  6. Em-mah!!! Said this on

    ho ho ho bad MUNKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are a DOOFER, you should have used your magic munky special powers on them!! hay-Yah!

    my7 gameboy advance SP still hasn’t arrived.
    very bored
    am auditioning for in it to win it with Dale winton on wednesday – might be a bit of cash coming your way if I win the show.

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