The New SS

Wednesday 0356hrs

Ok so it’s a little propagandist, but hey, isn’t everything else we usually see on Fox and CNN ? 😉
This little video highlights the abuse of powers held by the US Police and for me highlighted just how scary their damn riot cops look. It’s like the bad guys from some exaggerated sci-fi movie for pity’s sake.
US police in action might be a little over the top with respect to melodramatic production value, but it’s worth spending 5 minutes on, to give you something to think about the next time you see peaceful protests pushed back by the militant arm of your government police.

Just who are they protecting and serving, anyway?

Too Easy to Knock

Wednesday 2146hrs

The media doesn’t like conspiracy theorists. The movies slam them, TV mocks them and the popular press don’t give them the column inches they need. OK, a lot of them may be crazy, but go painting a whole group of people with the same brush and all of a sudden all followers of Islam are terrorists, all white people are racist and all dingos steal and eat babies.

Oh wait, sorry, the popular press actually DO consider the words “Muslim” and “Terrorist” as interchangeable. Silly me.

Well, getting to my point before we end up with another small essay, the BBC are running a hillarious peice about the new Pentagon footage that, oh surprise, shows us nothing new about the 9/11 attacks. I don’t pitch my tent in any camp when it comes to this, all I’ll say for myself is that I think something is amiss and the evidence doesn’t stack up.

I suppose it’s my own fault for getting lulled once again into thinking the BBC are a news agency instead of a propaganda machine. (Go go Medialens ) Their outright lambasting (Is that right? I’m using it anyway) of popular theories and so called “Conspiracy Theorists” is deplorable. It’s worth noting that a lot of the evidence put forward or questioned by the so called “Crazy People” has not been disproved to any greater degree than anything put forward by governments and news agencies. The only difference being is that the general public has been taught that one side would never do anything wrong, and the other side is a disorganised bunch of nut jobs. (Just in case it wasn’t clear and, admittedly, sometimes it isn’t, the disorganised bunch of nut jobs is here referring to the “Conspiracy Theorists”, not the governments and news agencies.)

The link in question is here: Shameful “Journalism” from the BBC (again).

Why can’t they, you know, collate and report facts for a change, instead of latching on to a tidbit and furthering misconception. The ignoramus who put that peice up there for world review shouldn’t dare call himself a journalist, let alone a “World Affairs Correspondant”. Paul Reynolds open your eyes.

(Of course now, thanks to pervasive media brain-washing, everyone will simply go “Ho Hum” and pitch me in with the rest of the conspiracy theorists. Classic, no? How can anyone get the truth out there if anyone who tries is instantly put down without effort.)